Dolby 3D Kids Glasses

3D movies are all the rage right now – pretty much every movie that involves a cartoon character is optimized for the 3D experience. While cinemas have 3D glasses in adult sizes that are designed to be “one size fits all”, it’s usually not the case with children. Most kids, especially really young ones have much smaller faces than other people. And smaller faces mean glasses that don’t fit properly, possibly ruining the whole 3D movie experience for him/her.

Dolby understands this and has released some 3D glasses just for kids to solve the problem. Dolby’s 3D Kids’ Glasses make use of 3M’s new multilayer optical film lenses, and provide the same lightweight, reusable design as the adult model, except that they’re optimized to fit the smaller head sizes of children. These reusable glasses will also have the same quality and performance as the adult versions, and are equipped with Sensormatic and RFID tags (to prevent theft). Expect to find them in cinemas in time for the 3D blockbusters this summer.

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