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ClamCase Pro Can Make Your iPad Look Like A Macbook Air
If you’ve experienced Microsoft’s Surface, you know there isn’t a Bluetooth keyboard on any tablet device that competes with the slimness and comfort of its keyboard. But we have to admit Bluetooth keyboard developers are trying their best to offer a unique experience with their devices that not only add the ability to type with a physical keyboard on your tablet, but also make it look like another product sometimes. […]

The ClamBook is a unique take on your keyboard case/dock
We’ve seen keyboard docks and keyboard cases in the past that have attempted to transform the iPad and Android tablets into MacBook Air-like devices. If you’re the market for such a case, the folks at ClamCase have decided to take that notion and turn it on its head with the introduction of the ClamBook. Claiming to “change the way you view smartphones”, the ClamBook basically hooks up to your smartphone […]

ClamCase releases all-white iPad 2 keyboard case
Some of us may remember that Apple used to sell the MacBook laptop. This MacBook laptop utilized a plastic unibody case and was a cheaper alternative to aluminum unibody MacBook Pro. Then Apple introduced the MacBook Air, and when its price started to match the MacBook, Apple decided to drop the MacBook from their line. If you miss the white unibody design of the MacBook, perhaps you can relive those […]

The Trooper ClamCase for the iPad 2 now available
A few months ago we wrote about The Trooper – a sleek-looking Star Wars Stormtrooper-inspired external wireless keyboard case for your iPad 2 that turns it into a “laptop”. The case was slated for a summer release, and just as promised – it is now on sale. Other than the aesthetics of The Trooper, it appears to be an updated version of the ClamCase.For users who want to improve their […]


The Trooper from ClamCase turns your iPad 2 into a laptop
Star Wars day was yesterday, and ClamCase decided to announce a new Star Wars inspired iPad case called The Trooper. Decked out in the same colors as a Storm Trooper (black and white), this iPad case makes your iPad look like it would fit right at the office desk of an Imperial soldier.The white case comes with a black keyboard and a slot for you to place your iPad 2 […]

Clamcase Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad gains FCC approval
For those who have been eagerly waiting for the Clamcase Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad for months on end, the long wait is nearly over. That’s because the good people at the FCC have finally approved it for use, which more or less makes the case for a planned January 2011 release date even more concrete. As for the rest who are not in the know, the Clamcase is actually […]