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KeyMe Replaces Lost Keys By Storing Them Digitally
The KeyMe service will help replace your lost keys by storing a digital copy of them in the cloud.

Fuji Xerox kicks off cloud service
The cloud seems to be quite a fun place to be at these days – just take a look at the number of services that are put up by different companies concerning storing your crucial and important files on the cloud, and you get an idea. Fuji Xerox has just launched a cloud service which will enable you to send, receive, share as well as print documents with your colleagues, […]

Amazon Kindle Fire unveiled
So today is the day Amazon will be announcing their upcoming tablet, the Kindle Fire. Prior to Amazon announcing it officially, the company spoke to Bloomberg, revealing some details about the device.

HTC joins cloud bandwagon with Dropbox service
Storing your data on a flash drive is so passe these days, although there is nothing quite like knowing you can have your precious information on-hand and in-demand anytime, anywhere with a physical device, there is still the element of losing your flash drive. How about stashing away frequently accessed data and files on a cloud? That is what HTC decided to offer its users with the Dropbox service.Those who […]


G Cloud LTE cloud gaming service to debut in October
Ubitus Inc. might not be a name that you are familiar with, but it might soon explode across the world as they are already a leader in cloud computing, with plans to roll out the first LTE cloud gaming service in the world, dubbing it the G Cloud. G Cloud will launch in October, but it seems as though Japan will be the first to enjoy such a service courtesy […]

Best Buy to roll out Music Cloud service
You know what they say – when it rains, it pours. It seems to be getting crowded up there as more and more companies start to work on delivering their cloud service, where you have Amazon’s Cloud Player, Google Music, and Apple’s iCloud – and now, Best Buy intends to join the fray with their Music Cloud service. Just how many ways can you name such a service with the […]

Microsoft Office 365 might roll out this June
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has announced that they intend to roll out the Office 365 cloud service later this June – which is a relief, since an official statement from the horse’s mouth goes a long way in killing off any forms of rumors and speculation that might just cause more confusion in the market than normal. Ballmer was at Delhi, India, speaking to an industry group last week, saying, […]

mSpot offers 5GB of free storage
mSpot has cast a cautious eye over to Amazon and their cloud-based service, and has offered 5GB of free storage to its popular cloud music service, which incidentally has more than 1.2 million downloads. This is an  alternative to Amazon Cloud Drive and Amazon Cloud Player, as it will more than double what it offered previously – which is capped at 2GB. This mSpot was rolled out for the Android […]