There’s nothing worse than losing your keys, especially if you never created a backup set for such an emergency. Because of that, we’re sure you’ve attempted to gain entry into your home through non-traditional methods such as trying to fit through a pet door, climbing fences and even considering breaking a window. But a new service may just be the answer to all of your key-losing troubles as you could just store a duplicate of your keys in the cloud.

KeyMe is a service that does just that as you’ll be able to retrieve a copy of your keys digitally. All you’d need to do is visit a KeyMe kiosk, create an account, and then have your key you know you’ll lose in the future scanned. The key image and pattern will then be stored in the cloud, allowing you to have a new key printed when the inevitable happens.

The KeyMe kiosk were created in partnership with Benchmark Electronics and currently available at a number of 7-11 locations throughout New York City. Storing your key patterns in the cloud is completely free, but having a key made from your previously stored pattern will cost you $19.99.

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