Storing your data on a flash drive is so passe these days, although there is nothing quite like knowing you can have your precious information on-hand and in-demand anytime, anywhere with a physical device, there is still the element of losing your flash drive. How about stashing away frequently accessed data and files on a cloud? That is what HTC decided to offer its users with the Dropbox service.

Those who pick up the latest Android-powered smartphones such as the HTC Rhyme, will also be privy to a bonus 3GB of storage apart from the already free 2GB storage that is offered by Dropbox, should they wish to connect to the platform with the new handset that launches next month.

Not only that, this deal will be extended to all Sense 3.5 devices down the road, letting you save your mobile files and photos on the phone, while having them synchronized automatically to your computer at home, in addition to other devices which run the Dropbox software.

At point of publishing, HTC Sense 3.5 can be found only on the HTC Rhyme and HTC Sensation XE, but do expect future phone announcements to expand that list further.

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