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These Coca-Cola Bottles Have Light-Up Lightsabers Built Into Them
The final installment in the latest Star Wars trilogy is about to launch later this month, and as expected, the marketing machine is going into a frenzy where we’re seeing all kinds of advertising and merchandise being produced for it. However, one of the coolest merch that we’ve seen lately comes from Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola's Latest Soda Machine Lets You Mix Flavors With Your Smartphone
Coca-Cola, the preferred sugary beverage company of millions of people across the globe, released its Coca-Cola Freestyle touchscreen soda machines back in 2009. The machines could be found on college campuses, restaurants, etc where soda lovers could mix and match from almost 200 drink options. It has now launched the next-generation of this machine and it’s called the Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100. It will let you mix flavors using your smartphone […]

Coca-Cola's Selfie Bottle Snaps A Pic Whenever You Take A Sip
Coca-Cola knows that no matter how much they advertise, at the end of the day word of mouth is probably one of the best forms of marketing that they can hope for, and what better way to spread the word other than through social media? This is why an ad agency from Israel has created the Coca-Cola Selfie Bottle.

Coca-Cola Turns Its Packaging Into A Google Cardboard VR Headset
With the amount of Coca-Cola that is consumed every year, it also means that there are a lot of packaging and Coca-Cola cartons that get thrown away. While recycling is a possibility, what about reusing them? Turns out Coca-Cola has a potential idea for its packaging, and that is to turn it into a Google Cardboard virtual reality headset.


Wi-Fi Enabled Coke Machines
Vending machines are great for selling your product in places where one can’t really set up a store. They’re easy to use and not too expensive to maintain. Internet access is increasingly being seen as a need for a community that wishes to prosper, and Coca-Cola is doing something about that in South Africa. It is going to set up Wi-Fi enabled Coke vending machines that will not only allow people […]

Coca-Cola 2nd Lives Initiative Makes Good Use Of Old Coke Bottles
A bottle of Coca-Cola is often the symbol of refreshment, especially after a particularly hot and sweaty day out there. Now that summer’s here, it goes without saying that consumption of Coke might actually increase when you move to quench your thirst in the middling heat of it all. Having said that, what would you then do with with leftover Coke bottles? Most of us would have sorted out our […]

Coca-Cola Invests Into Keurig For Upcoming Soda Maker
There are a couple of ways to make your own soda at home. You could buy a bottle of carbonated water and add some syrup flavoring of your choice and ta-dah, you’re done! Alternatively you could get SodaStream, although that would require the change of CO2 cartridges, but if you were looking for something more hassle-free, you might be interested to learn that Coca-Cola has announced that they will be […]