Coca-Cola, the preferred sugary beverage company of millions of people across the globe, released its Coca-Cola Freestyle touchscreen soda machines back in 2009. The machines could be found on college campuses, restaurants, etc where soda lovers could mix and match from almost 200 drink options. It has now launched the next-generation of this machine and it’s called the Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100. It will let you mix flavors using your smartphone as the machines will be Bluetooth-enabled.

The Coca-Cola Freestyle machines have proven to be quite popular over the years. The company mentioned in its press release that more than 50,000 of these machines are used to create over 14 million drinks every single day across the globe.

The new Coca-Cola Freestyle 9100 machine will kick things up a notch by allowing customers to mix their own beverages. They will be able to do that using a mobile app which will hook up to the machine over Bluetooth. The mix that they create in the app will be instantly poured by the machine.

“We’re focused on making sure the Coca-Cola Freestyle platform stays current and contemporary and that we continue to offer more beverages people want,” said Chris Hellmann, Freestyle’s VP general manager.

Hellmann added that the features built into the machine are not only contemporary for today but they also future-proof the platform with features such as audio capability, audio sensors, and a new equipment option that will even bring beverages not available today such as teas and cold coffees to the platform. However, these features will be activated in the future.

The new machines will be available nationally in the United States starting next year.

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