A bottle of Coca-Cola is often the symbol of refreshment, especially after a particularly hot and sweaty day out there. Now that summer’s here, it goes without saying that consumption of Coke might actually increase when you move to quench your thirst in the middling heat of it all. Having said that, what would you then do with with leftover Coke bottles? Most of us would have sorted out our trash for recycling purposes, but here is a novel idea under the 2nd Lives initiative that will see sixteen different replacement caps offer the used bottles a new lease of life.


First introduced in Vietnam, these replacement caps are given away to select customers who decide to bring home a bottle of Coke, where it offers a myriad of upcycled functionality. It does not matter whether you are a kid or an adult, the former will be able to enjoy water guns, bubble blowers, paint brushes, and drums, while the adults will be able to make do with the likes of spray bottles, soap dispensers, hand weights, and heck, condiment dispensers to boot.

While Coca-Cola is not exactly dying to revive their brand since they have no trouble selling their fizzy drinks at all, it is more of the competition who should be worried about this next step up.

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