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X-Wing Coffee Table Is One For The Nerds
Forget about all of those expensive hand-carved, marble top coffee tables that are being sold at an overpriced figure at showrooms across the country, only to have a 80% discount slapped on it a month after you saved up a whole year for that coffee table. Here is something from Barry Shields, where it took a total of 6 months to carve it out. Touted to be extremely sturdy, it […]

Zen Table features mesmerizing artwork
Looking for a coffee table that’s more interesting than your plain ol’ regular one sitting in your living room? The 3G Zen coffee table might be right up your alley. Made from environment friendly bamboo this special table features electronics and robotics that sculpt geometric patterns and images into a field of microscopic silicone beads beneath a glass top. Patterns and drawings are preloaded onto an SD card for the […]

USS Enterprise coffee table is for Star Trek fans
If you’re a fan of Star Trek, and you’re looking for a piece of furniture that represents your allegiance to the franchise, this USS Enterprise table might be right up your alley. Created by artist Barry Shields, it is made from ash, poplar and cherry wood. It took a month to complete and features a glass top that makes it look like it is in motion, with a base that […]

Play video games on your coffee table with the Platinum Multi Game Arcade Table
Coffee tables can generally be found in living rooms, and they’re usually adorned by books which have been termed as “coffee table books”, which are typically of the art variety with striking covers and titles, meant to inspire conversation and also help alleviate boredom. If you don’t think that you’re the artsy type of person or that your friends will probably not appreciate philosophical, art-inspired conversation pieces, then perhaps this […]


Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table
Want to wow guests who drop by your home for a visit the next time round? Forget about purchasing a new piece of art to hang on your living room wall – why not make use of that hard earned money with the Touchscape Multi-Touch coffee table? Apart from looking really great, it will also rely on patented MT technology which is capable of tracking a whole lot ot touches […]

Awesome NES Coffee Table Up For Sale On eBay
You might remember the giant-sized Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that was covered a while back. Well, if you couldn’t stop dreaming about it but don’t have the handyman skills to create one yourself, you’re in luck, as the table has been put up for auction on eBay. Bidding opened at $400, but has since risen to $710 (at time of writing). For your money’s worth, you’ll get a good looking […]

Giant NES Coffee Table For Your Living Room
You may think that you have the coolest coffee table on the planet, but have you seen a giant-sized NES coffee table before? This enormous Nintendo Entertainment System comes with a clickable jumbo NES controller hidden under the lid. Aside from being fully capable of taking care of your coffee cups, this table also has controller ports that are really power outlets, allowing you to plug your electronic devices in […]

VHS coffee table joins weird furniture ranks
Remember the PlayStation Controller Coffee Table mod that was covered a few days ago? Well, that isn’t the only interesting design available out there as we also have a VHS coffee table which was created using 92 of those old tapes as part of the table’s base. We’re sure that this is a pretty good way to recycle all those millions of old VHS tapes lying around throughout the earth. […]

DIY PlayStation Controller Coffee Table
You can bet that Sony’s PlayStation has plenty of fans out there, but how many of them are willing to make a coffee table that is supported by a giant PlayStation controller? Granted, there’s no groundbreaking technology at work here, but it did take its creator a good 20 weeks (on and off during school time) to complete it, and you have to give him some credit for hard work […]

Integrated Technology Coffee Table
Coffee tables can be as simple as the ones you pick up from Ikea, or they can be extremely high tech as seen in the form of the Integrated Technology Coffee Table. This concept from designer Joseph Reed is fitted with USB and serial ports, electrical outlets and an iPod dock to boot. Hmmm, do you dock the iPod just to charge it, or does it boast internal speakers as […]

Light Beam Coffee Table
Looking for something that would spruce up your living room? The Light Beam Coffee Table does look like a worn-out, longstanding railway sleeper, although it lights up with a bunch of LED lights that can change colors for the psychedelic look. While it is sure to raise eyebrows and earn the admiration of your geeky friends, it will make a dent (albeit a small one) in your monthly power bill.

Multi-touch iTable Makes For An Interesting Coffee Table
Sooner or later, we’re all going to end up with interactive multi-touch coffee tables in our living rooms, but until they become so commonplace that nobody bothers about them anymore, we’re going to keep reporting on the occasions that such devices surface. The iTable certainly won’t get any blessings from Apple with regards to its name, but aside from that, it’s really a cool computer that can recognize up to […]

112 LED Coffee Table
Joe’s come up with the 112 LED coffee table that looks absolutely gorgeous in any living room, especially for those who want a modern touch. This is made possible thanks to the configuration which is explained in the excerpt below in more detail. Driving this grid is an ATmega328 in i2c slave mode. It listens for display data from a second ATmega328 and uses that to set the array of […]

Amusity offers very real entertainment
Amusity is a zany table that ought to make its way to your music collection, simply because designer Idan Arbel who came up with the Amusity wants to turn your coffee table into a tangible user interface for your whole music library. With the Amusity, one is able to play music videos, access information concerning the artist, song and album among others in order to control the flow of the […]