Coffee tables can generally be found in living rooms, and they’re usually adorned by books which have been termed as “coffee table books”, which are typically of the art variety with striking covers and titles, meant to inspire conversation and also help alleviate boredom. If you don’t think that you’re the artsy type of person or that your friends will probably not appreciate philosophical, art-inspired conversation pieces, then perhaps this arcade coffee table might just be what you need.

Coming in at 3,000 GBP, it sure does not come cheap, although we’re guessing that apart from being crafted out of stainless steel, the price probably factored in the cost of a 22-inch LCD monitor, wireless keyboard and a computer running on an Intel Dual Core processor. Liberty Games also claims that the Platinum Multi Game Arcade Table will easily hook up to your hi-fi, flat screen TV and internet, allowing you to surf the web, listen to your songs and watch your movies, all of which can be controlled from the comfort of your coffee table.

So while you and your friends may not get a kick out of discussing art and literature, then perhaps you guys may get a kick out of having a couple of rounds of games on your coffee table instead. If you are interested in furnishing your living room with the Platinum Multi Game Arcade Table, it is available for order from Liberty Game’s website.

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