Forget about all of those expensive hand-carved, marble top coffee tables that are being sold at an overpriced figure at showrooms across the country, only to have a 80% discount slapped on it a month after you saved up a whole year for that coffee table. Here is something from Barry Shields, where it took a total of 6 months to carve it out. Touted to be extremely sturdy, it is a throwback to the Star Trek Enterprise tables that was previously done.

The top and bottom half which sandwich the glass have been bolted together, so that even if you accidentally bumped it while walking, it will still remain sure. The front comes with 3 points of support contact with the glass as well, so you can more or less say that it is well protected with enough “deflector shields” for real life bumps. Just how much does it cost? It is supposedly $14 an hour, which equals to roughly $5,500 – which is plain nuts, but considering how it is lovingly hand-crafted and pays a close resemblance to the actual X-Wing, who knows, someone might be crazy enough to stump up that kind of money.

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