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How To Read Comics Online Legally For Free?
Comic books are the reason behind the popular super hero characters in the movies. Even though Marvel and DC takes a major share of the market – there are a lot of other comics available to read. Sure, you can go ahead and grab a comic book from the store. But, what if you could enjoy reading the comics online for free?

DC Universe Subscription Will Cost $8 Per Month
DC fans will be well aware that it has been working on its own streaming service for DC movies and TV shows. The service has aptly been titled DC Universe and now the company has revealed some more details about it. What DC fans were most looking forward to find out was just how much a subscription to this service would cost. We now know that a DC Universe subscription […]

Riri Williams Is Marvel’s New Iron ‘Man’
Over the past few years we have seen how the comic industry is starting to address the criticisms that it isn’t diverse enough. For example some of the changes Marvel has made was introduce Iceman as a gay character.They also made the new Hulk of Asian-American descent, and they also made Ms. Marvel a Muslim superhero of Pakistani-American heritage.

Writing An Email Is Much Tougher Than You Think [Video]
Considering just how connected we’ve all become to our mobile devices and computers as a primary way to communicate with one another, we know how important emails can be. Sending an instant message will probably get a quicker response, but there are several benefits to sending emails. One of those benefits is how those who correspond through email tend to be composed more professionally than instant messages, which often use […]


Steve Jobs To Become Manga Star In Japanese Comic
While the world waits for the official release of Steve Jobs’ upcoming biopic starring Ashton Kutcher called jOBS, his life story will also be receiving the manga treatment in Japan in Kiss magazine, which is a publication specifically for women. Artist Mari Yamazaki has been chosen to illustrate Jobs in the officially licensed manga as she feels “sympathy for Jobs” as well as for her realistic and charming painting style. […]

Marvel Unlimited Subscription-based Comic Book Service Comes To iOS
For comic book readers, smartphones and tablets have introduced ways to interact with their favorite comic book series without having to go out and buy a new one every time an issue is released. Having all of your comics available to read on your smartphone or tablet devices is certainly a treat, although buying them individually doesn’t make it a cheap hobby.Marvel is announcing today it’s subscription-based Marvel Unlimited, which […]

Marvel to provide download codes for digital copies of its comics
Good news for all you comic fans out there – you no longer have to decide between buying your favorite comics in print or digital format. Sure, digital might be the way forward, but there’s something about flipping through the pages of a comic book that just can’t be replaced with the swiping of a touchscreen. Marvel has announced that starting this June – any print comic it publishes that […]

Barnes & Noble pulls 100 DC comics off its shelves
Last week, Amazon struck a deal with DC Comics to have 100 graphic novels released exclusively on the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. As you would’ve guessed, not everybody was too pleased with the idea, chiefly one of Amazon’s biggest rivals: Barnes & Noble. Especially since DC Comics has been reluctant to release any of their graphic novels on B&N’s own tablet in the past.

Marvel announces free MMO
The MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online game) scene hasn’t really been shaken up since the release of DC Universe Online at the beginning of this year but it looks like things are about to change. After the success of DC’s DC Universe Online, it looks like Marvel isn’t content letting DC having most of the superhero MMO pie to itself. Marvel has just announced that they will be releasing their own […]