Considering just how connected we’ve all become to our mobile devices and computers as a primary way to communicate with one another, we know how important emails can be. Sending an instant message will probably get a quicker response, but there are several benefits to sending emails. One of those benefits is how those who correspond through email tend to be composed more professionally than instant messages, which often use acronyms such as “BRB,” “LMAO,” or “TTYL” and other ways to shorten the process of communicating with one another. The only issue with writing an email is how to properly write one without conveying the wrong message or emotion. If you’ve struggled with composing an email, then this animation is right up your alley.

Domics published an animation that takes a look at what he goes through whenever he composes an email. As you can probably already tell, the animator considers emails to be a weird form of communication, which is probably why he has so much trouble composing one. What should have been a simple correspondence turns into several hours to fine tuning his response to an incoming email. Just try not to think of this experience the next time you’re composing an email or else you could find yourself spending as much time as the character in this Domics animation.

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