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Bruce Lee Brought To Life Thanks To CGI In Johnnie Walker Commercial
Martial artist Bruce Lee has been dead for nearly 40 years, but Johnnie Walker has decided it’s about time his likeness was brought back to the land of the living to help sell alcohol.

New iPhone Commercial Focuses On Its Camera With False Claim
Apple stopped highlighting specific features of their mobile devices for their new set of commercials, but they have returned to doing so with their new iPhone commercial where the company focuses on the device’s camera.The majority of the commercial time is spent showing people in different regions of the world taking photos of the surroundings that include a concert, the view during a jog and some iconic world locations. At the end […]

Apple Product Launch Frenzy Parodied In Somersby Cider Commercial
Apple’s recent commercials have been, in our opinion, a bit lackluster as they no longer talk about their products. Instead, they focus on the experiences its users can expect from their iOS products. Apple really should use the excitement and long-lines that are synonymous with the launch of a new Apple product, especially their mobile devices.Somersby Cider decided to launch a new commercial that parodies the experience Apple fans go through […]

BioShock Infinite 60-Second TV Commercial Is Full Of CGI Awesome
The closer we get to March 26, the harder it is for us to not have BioShock Infinite on the brain. We’ve seen some great content coming from Irrational Games over the past few months which highlight Columbia’s Impending Doom, Elizabeth possibly being a person who should be feared as well as Booker’s motives not starting out to be as honest as we were lead to believe. Last night, the first official 60-second […]


Samsung Galaxy Commercial's 'Unicorn Apocalypse' Game Is A Thing Now
We’re sure by now, you’ve seen Samsung’s business-focused commercials where they originally took aim at BlackBerry and Apple, but have since moved on to talk about how the Galaxy S3 can be used in a business environment. The commercials centered around a fictional game called “Unicorn Apocalypse,” which today turned into an actual product.Unicorn Apocalypse is now available on the Google Play store for you Android users, especially you Galaxy S3 […]

Conan O'Brien Tells Us What Everyone Uses Their iPads For
On one side of the spectrum, you have people who are using their iPads to better themselves by downloading applications that will help them learn a thing or two. On the other side of the spectrum, you have people who use their iPads for one specific thing, which Conan decides to highlight in a new spoof commercial.Apple’s recent iPad commercials highlighting experiences only available on the iOS platform hasn’t been one […]

Apple Launches Two New iPad Commercials Highlighting Apps
Apple has started airing two new iPad commercials this week called “Alive” and “Together” that don’t focus on their iPads’ hardware specs since there hasn’t been a new iPad since November 2012. Instead, both commercials focus on the applications that were built to take advantage of both the iPad and iPad Mini’s unique features.Not only do both commercials focus on a number of iOS applications, but they also are littered […]

Microsoft Surface Pro Ad Has Us Wishing For More Breakdancing Meetings
It seems Google wasn’t the only tech giant to debut a new commercial during last night’s Grammys as Microsoft took the opportunity to debut a new commercial for their recently released Surface Pro.Even though the Surface Pro reportedly doesn’t have the greatest storage or battery, Microsoft’s newest commercial offers a lot of energy as I could only hope any meeting I attend from now on be as lively as the […]

BlackBerry 10, Z10 Highlighted In New 'Keep Moving' Commercial
Hot on the trails of their Super Bowl ad which focused on what exactly the BlackBerry Z10 can’t do, BlackBerry released a brand-new commercial further highlighting both the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry 10.The commercial, called “Keep Moving,” doesn’t go for the outrageous as their Super Bowl did. Instead, the commercial highlights some key features of both BlackBerry 10 and the Z10. We get to see BlackBerry Flow, Hud and Timelapse […]

BlackBerry Teases Colorful Superbowl Commercial
The Superbowl countdown clock is counting down to Sunday’s big game which means companies have been spending the past couple of months securing a spot for their commercials to air between the football action. Samsung already promoted their upcoming Superbowl commercial with a tease yesterday for their Galaxy devices, and BlackBerry is teasing theirs today.Admittedly, the tease is nowhere near as entertaining as Samsung’s Superbowl commercial tease as it starred […]

Battlefield 3 commercial created by FreddieW
While Activision managed to get famous stars like Jonah Hill and Sam Worthington to star in their Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 adverts, it looks like EA managed to get a celebrity of its own as well. The games publisher got in touch with FreddieW – a YouTuber who is well-known for recreating video games on video, to come up with a commercial for Battlefield 3. Needless to say, […]

Samsung Galaxy commercial shows who the phones are for
Samsung has just released a 3 minute long promo video of their upcoming Galaxy phones (except the S 2) which basically shows the target demographic they are aiming for. The Ace is targeted at professionals who need their phones for doing work on the go, the Fit is aimed at photographers,  Gio for college kids (especially those who are into making music) and the Mini is aimed at high school […]

Verizon iPad Commercial Released
Verizon might not have an Apple iPhone (yet), but the carrier does officially offer the popular iPad, and Big Red wants to make sure you know about it, releasing a new iPad commercial on YouTube. The clip showcases the device being used with a Verizon Wi-Fi card, offering you the tagline “All the magic of iPad. All the nationwide power and reliability of Verizon”. The iPad offered by Verizon bundles […]

Apple iPad To Go On Sale On March 26?
Rumor is going around that Apple’s recently announced iPad will be going on sale from March 26th, which is in line with the 2-months period that Steve Jobs mentioned when unveiling this device. Apple store employees will start to get training on March 10th, and apparently TV commercials will begin to air from March 15th. If this rumor is true, you might also want to take note that it also […]