Apple has started airing two new iPad commercials this week called “Alive” and “Together” that don’t focus on their iPads’ hardware specs since there hasn’t been a new iPad since November 2012. Instead, both commercials focus on the applications that were built to take advantage of both the iPad and iPad Mini’s unique features.


Not only do both commercials focus on a number of iOS applications, but they also are littered with such adjectives as “bright,” “loud,” “together” and “deep.”

To be honest, when compared to Apple’s previous commercials, such as the iPhone 5’s which featured iOS 6’s Do Not Disturb feature, the company’s newest iPad commercials leave much to be desired. We already know there are a number of worthwhile applications on iOS, with many developers publishing more iOS apps than competing OS’. Both commercials highlighting applications with adjectives being yelled at the viewer is just downright annoying, especially if the viewer happens to have their volume up on their TV.

These are definitely not Apple’s finest commercials, but we guess the purpose of these new commercials are to sell iPads and not to offer any sort of entertainment whatsoever.

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