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Giving Tree concept charger
Do you have multiple devices that need to be charged? If you’re anything like us, then you’ll have a few gadgets lying around, and the chargers clutter up your desk. This concept Giving Tree charger looks like a plastic tree and offers several connectors that can be attached to your devices to provide juice. The cards can be pulled out from the tree, ensuring that you’ll be able to let […]

Hot Liner solar cookers: so you don’t have to start fires anymore
Don’t you just hate it when you’re out camping and you can’t seem to get a fire going to boil some water or cook your food? Wish there was an easier way that didn’t require you bring a portable stove around? Two Korean designers have come up with a solution to the problem – solar powered cooking stoves. Granted, they aren’t exactly a new invention, but they’ve managed to pull […]

Flexiphone concept too flexible for our tastes
Now check this out – British designer Philip Pearce has come up with the Flexiphone concept, where it offers really out of this world specifications such as a battery which is capable of a full charge within 30 seconds, not to mention materials used to make this phone – hence its namesake. Imagine a phone that can be twisted (up to a reasonable degree) in different directions, making it the […]

Solaris Red concept watch is powered by the sun
Designer Olivier Demangel decided to develop a new concept watch which is solar-powered, where the solar cell itself is part of the overall stylish design. Granted, a solar-powered watch is not exactly new these days, but bear in mind that the Solaris Red concentrates more on design apart from maintaining the functionality of telling the time. While the solar cell itself is pretty small, this would mean it is fairly […]


Flexible LED idea turns trees into traffic signals
Flexible LEDs might still be some ways off before they become mainstream and are affordable enough, but here is a conceptual idea that might just make life safer on the road in the future. Imagine using flexible LEDs that are solar powered as traffic signals, being hooked (or pasted) onto trees and existing utility poles, making it a snap for both urban and rural installation. Of course, this would mean […]

Power Hub keeps desks neat and tidy
The curse of power cables would be having them getting all tangled up even if left alone, making you wonder whether it is some sort of global conspiracy among the cables themselves when you’re not looking. The Power Hub is here to help, as this under-the-desk plug point housing ensures all cables remain together, while letting you roll the excess cabling. There are three openings located on top of the […]

Universal Adapter might be the new wheel
We’re kidding – surely nothing can replace the wheel when it comes to being an important invention, and a Universal Adapter concept device like this certainly doesn’t come close. Still, it is worth noting that frequent travelers might just appreciate the Universal Adapter as it comprises of a charging hub with extensions that will play nice with majority of standard devices out there, kissing goodbye to heavy individual adapters in […]

The Androcell is a solar powered backpack that can change its design
How many of you have ever purchased a bag and felt compelled to return it a few days later because you were unhappy with the design you chose? The Androcell is a backpack that won’t ever have such problems. This concept bag is covered with e-paper that allows you to easily change the design of your bag or use the back of the backpack as a computer which you can […]

KOKO MUO concept watch offers a minimalist design
Just because you have a nice round watch face doesn’t mean that you have to use the whole face to tell the time. This KOKO MUO concept watch design only uses the upper half and uses bars to indicate the time, offering you a very novel design. Granted it won’t make you any more punctual than you already are, but it can definitely be used as a fashion accessory and […]

Klang Ultrasonic Speakers look and work the part
Speakers – love them or hate them, there will always be a niche market that has some people hankering for high performance models, while others choose models that deliver the best bang for your buck. The Klang Ultrasonic Speakers are no different, although they clearly look out of this world, being capable of projecting focused sound in one single direction, resulting in audio that only you can hear. Yup, the […]

Samsung BE concept system monitors your energy consumption
With everybody trying to go green nowadays, it’s important to know how eco-friendly our households really are. Now a concept system, dubbed the Samsung BE is designed to monitor the energy consumption in your home, not to mention other resources such as water and your carbon footprint. While home monitoring systems already exist, the BE takes it one step further by being portable and is powered by solar, wind, or […]

Klipp camera concept
Mac Funamizu’s signature is all over this one – the super small Klipp concept camera that has shed plenty of weight, making most people think that this is at least 10 years into the future – heck, we would dare so much as to venture that such a design will never take off. After all, why fool around with a design that has been working for so many decades and […]

Peel Moving Notifier concept clock
Here’s a fancy concept gadget that we wouldn’t mind having on our desk. The Peel Moving Notifier concept is a clock with displays on its sides. Parts of the screens (up to 50%) can be peeled off from the surface and text and icons can be displayed on both sides of this surface. The Peel features wireless connectivity and can talk to your computer or mobile phone, notifying you of […]

HTC TUBE concept modular phone
The HTC TUBE concept phone pictured here actually seems like an advanced version of a modular phone, similar to what Modu offers, though sadly that didn’t work out too well. The phone is divided into two main components, the outer shell and the inner “cartridge”. While the external features and design of the phone remain constant, the phone will be radically changed, depending on the cartridge that you insert. Cartridge […]