Bloom Laptop Concept Can Be Taken Apart In Under Two Minutes

If you’ve tried to upgrade the components on your laptop yourself before, you’ll know that you generally only have easy access to the RAM and probably hard drive. If you want to upgrade the wireless card or some other peripheral, you’ll need to get your hands a little dirty and go under the hood. The students over at Stanford University have developed the Bloom laptop concept design, which is a laptop that can be taken apart in just 10 steps without the need of any tools, a job which can be completed in under two minutes. This is possible as the case is all made of one material, which the electronics are all slotted inside, giving it a modular design. The design includes a wireless keyboard and mouse that can be used in laptop mode or removed to be used on your laptop. The design will make laptops easier to recycle since the materials can be easily separated and reused without too much fuss. Seems like a piece of technology that Mother Nature would smile upon.


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