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WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager And Refrigerator concept
Love popping open bottles of wine whenever you throw a party? Then might we suggest you look into the WAVE Ultra Sonic Wine Ager And Refrigerator concept if it ever becomes reality. After all, this appliance will boast two-layered shelves with inner walls that emit ultrasonic waves, where it will go about acting on the wine molecules to age them. A custom touchscreen interface will help you navigate your way […]

Concept: Hanging Printer
We’ve all been in situations where the office printer takes up too much space on our desk, affecting the way we work, not to mention being an eyesore. Perhaps manufacturers should take a cue from designers out there and come up with something like this Hanging Printer concept design. As its name implies, the printer hangs on the edge of the desk, taking up only a little real estate and […]

Windstalk concept from Atelier DNA might usher in new era of green power
Atelier DNA has conjured a new concept for generating juice via wind power, where the fruit of their brainstorming sessions have resulted in the Windstalk. This potential clean energy generation project/tourist attraction might just be realized over at Abu Dhabi’s Masdar City, where it will comprise of over a thousand carbon fiber reinforced resin poles that stand at a massive 55 meters (180 feet) high. Don’t worry about them falling […]

Electromagnetic erasing system helps save paper
Want to save trees? The electromagnetic erasing system might be just the ticket, as it will rub out color pigments in order to deliver white paper sheets. No longer do you need to shred paper then, but if there is a way to erase it, does that mean there is a similar method to reverse engineer the process and restore whatever was erased? Nothing’s impossible in this day and age, […]


Concept: Meo Auto Pet For The Future
You probably don’t look at your car as a pet, but a concept car dubbed the Meo might be able to function as a giant automotive pet. The Meo is small and compact, offering a front door which can be lifted in order for the driver to get in and out of the vehicle. The interior of the Meo is furnished with a magnetic suspension chair, invisible LED display, and […]

Concept: Emergency Flashlight Concept Focuses On Safety
The Emergency Flashlight concept looks like it will be fairly useful in the event that the lights go out in a building. It’s a simple flashlight tube that can be split into two and is connected by a florescent rope. When split, the two tubes function as independent flashlights while the rope between the two is used as a safety guide, allowing younger kids to hold on to it and follow […]

Concept: Compass Alert System
Do you think that the current emergency exit signs are good enough for emergency situations? Perhaps we need something more futuristic in this day and age. The Compass Alert System concept offers both visual and audio aid to guide you to safety. The arrow obviously points to the direction that you should be heading towards, and the audio track does the same too, though it wasn’t mentioned how the audio […]

Next Generation iPhone concept
The iPhone has certainly changed the way people looked at smartphones, never mind that it isn’t the perfect piece of hardware (yet). This has not stopped designers from working on futuristic versions of the iPhone, with this aptly named Next Generation iPhone taking the spotlight this time around. It is an iPhone that is strapped to your wrist, while you project the display to your palm. Sounds rather retro-gressive to […]

Nokia E-Cu concept charges in your pants
London designer Patrick Hyland has come up with a rather zany conceptual handset, borrowing the Nokia name for his design. What makes the Nokia E-Cu (E is for environment, while Cu stands for Copper) so special, you ask? Well, it can be juiced thanks to available heat in your pocket. This is made possible since an integrated thermogenerator will convert heat from any source into electrical energy in order to […]

Cell speaker dock concept
Speaker docks are dime a dozen, but designer Adrian Canoso decided to literally take matters into his own hands with the Cell wireless portable speaker. What makes it different from all of the others out there? Well, it will feature a design that’s pleasing to the eye, boasting a Fibonacci sequence of 1620 holes, with a lithium polymer battery powering it as it hooks up to compatible devices sans wires […]

Alarm Pillow vibrates you awake gently
Hate being jarred out of your bed by some really loud ringing alarm clock? Let the Alarm Pillow concept do so, where it will vibrate at the selected time with a gentle buzz. No longer will you get a shock of your life in the morning when the time comes to greet a brand new day arrives. In addition, a clever idea of using your head’s weight as the snooze […]

Nissan Solar Tree Concept
[CEATEC 2010] The Nissan Solar Tree is a concept that is part of the larger 2030 zero-emission city that Nissan and many major industrial companies in Japan are participating to. The idea is to create the next-generation city design based on the new green aspiration, and possibly energetic realities of 2030. This tree is about 12 meters (about 12 yards) with 3 translucent solar panels that chase the sun during the […]

Revo Round comes up with unorthodox form factor for a laptop
The name Revo Round should have given the game away – we’re talking about a round laptop that comes with a round display (what else), round case as well as a curved keyboard to keep in step with its overall design. Known as the Roundtop, this concept model would definitely take some warming up to, especially when we’re already so used to the rectangular form factor of a laptop or […]

Mobile Wind Turbine is a wind harvester on wheels
Solar power might be the more popular mode of renewable energy at the moment, but that doesn’t mean wind-powered turbines ought to remain out of the spotlight. How about this Mobile Wind Turbine concept by Pope Design that has the proverb, “If the mountain can’t go to Ali, then let Ali go to the mountain” in mind. Not at a particularly windy spot? Fret not, the Mobile Wind Turbine can […]