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Lowe's Iris Smart Home Platform Shutting Down Next Month
Home improvement retail chain Lowe’s launched its Iris smart home network back in 2015. The first connected devices were released then which included the likes of door locks, cameras, leak detectors, motion sensors, lights, and more. The platform hasn’t grown as well as the company would have hoped so it has decided to shut it down in March.

Amazon Discounts Ring Video Doorbell To $99
Amazon announced a couple of months ago that it was acquiring Ring, the company behind the Ring Video Doorbell and other smart devices. Terms of the deal were not disclosed but subsequent reports suggested that it may have been valued at $1 billion. Amazon has now officially closed its Ring acquisition and to celebrate that it has discounted the first-generation Ring Video Doorbell to $99.99 permanently.

T-Mobile's Nest Security Bundle Offers Cellular Backup
T-Mobile today announced its entry into the connected home security market with the T-Mobile Nest security pack. It’s going to launch this bundle on November 10th. The T-Mobile Nest security bundle provides users with cellular backup. Magenta is actually the exclusive cellular backup provider for Nest Secure.

Garmin Speak Brings Alexa To Your Car
If you’re not willing to buy a new car just to get Alexa functionality on the road, then maybe you should check out Garmin’s new product. Garmin and Amazon have launched a new device that looks kind of like the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s meant to go in your car where it’s going to put the full range of Alexa skills just a voice command away.


Nest Unveils New Smart Doorbell And Security Camera
Nest today unveiled two new smart home products. Nest Cam IQ outdoor is a smart security camera with facial recognition technology. The Nest Hello is a smart doorbell with HD video capability. The camera is a successor to the Nest Cam IQ indoor that was announced earlier this year in June. As the name suggests, the new camera is meant to be placed outside so that you can keep an […]

Qualcomm IoT Push Goes From Chips To Complete Platforms
In the past week, Qualcomm has been pitching developers and hardware partners in Hong Kong and when it comes to IoT (Internet of Things), Qualcomm has gone from discrete chips to platform, in a big way. In the past, the company has created various development kits, but now more than ever, it has realized that IoT can have a tremendous barrier to entry that can many potential partners simply cannot […]

Snapdragon Ready For Connected Cameras
We already know that Qualcomm is very serious about IoT, but it is about to make a new push in Connected Cameras and enable partners to create pressure and disruption in the coming months. Qualcomm will address that market with a complete Connected Camera platform that is pretty much ready-to-use. It offloads a huge chunk of the electronic and communications development from partners, leaving OEMs to create the Industrial Design […]

VOYO Connected Car System Is All About Safety, Convenience And Fuel Efficiency
If you can understand the data that can be obtained through a car’s OBD-II port you can do a lot to make sure that your car remains safe, reliable and offers great fuel efficiency. Professional tools for this purpose can cost quite a bit and require some training but products like VOYO aim to make that much easier for the average user. VOYO is an aftermarket connected car system which […]

Chromecast Audio Arrives To Simplify Music Streaming
Google today announced a new variant of its Chromecast streaming device that aims to simplify music streaming, it’s a simple little device that allows users to stream music from their smartphones to any conventional speaker. It basically does for audio what the original Chromecast dongle did for video streaming, the dongle hooked up to TVs through an HDMI port and allowed users to easily stream content from services like Netflix, HBO […]

August Smart Lock Now Works With The Apple Watch
For those who are unfamiliar, smart locks are basically a more hi-tech lock where instead of relying on a key, you can use your smartphone to unlock it. Granted there are locks that use key cards, but with smart locks, you can use it with an app and share the “key” with your guests, change access on the fly, and so on.The August smart lock is a perfect example of […]

Density Sensor Lets You Know How Crowded A Location Is
As fun as bars are for friends to meet up and hangout, sometimes it gets a bit too crowded which in turn kind of ruins the experience. Having no place to move, lining up for the bathroom, people bumping and spilling drinks on you, and so on can quickly lead to a bad night. This is where the Density sensor comes into play.The Density sensor is a tiny sensor that […]

NetVibes Has Evolved Into A Dashboard For Smart Devices
A decade ago Netvibes was created as a tool that would allow the developer to keep an eye on his 17 blogs from just one location. The idea caught on with users, because on the first day of its launch Netvibes had over 15,000 users, and over the years it has evolved as web technologies have evolved to do what it does best. Today the newest version of Netvibes has been […]

Amazon Reportedly Considering A Move Into 'Smart Home' Devices
Amazon may have started out by selling books and then becoming one of the biggest online retailers in the world but it has shown time and time again that it won’t shy away from producing hardware. The company’s Kindle e-readers are much appreciated and so are its tablets. The Amazon Fire Phone hasn’t been off to a good start but there’s certainly room to grow in that segment. A new […]

Custom Windows 8.1 OS Preview For Internet Of Things Released
A few months back Microsoft outlined its vision for Windows’ future, which includes bringing it over to the Internet of Things. We hear IoT a lot these days, companies like Samsung, Intel and even BlackBerry are working on it. Internet of Things basically refers to “dumb” devices that have been transformed into “smart” devices and the endgame here is to bring about a more connected world. Microsoft has announced the release of […]