A decade ago Netvibes was created as a tool that would allow the developer to keep an eye on his 17 blogs from just one location. The idea caught on with users, because on the first day of its launch Netvibes had over 15,000 users, and over the years it has evolved as web technologies have evolved to do what it does best. Today the newest version of Netvibes has been announced, called the Dashboard of Things, it is a one stop solution for automating interactions between anything on the dashboard like data, apps and even connected smart devices.


Netvibes Dashboard of Things lets anyone program custom interactions and keep an eye on connected devices and activities from one single dashboard.

A new Potion, with specific actions and triggers, can easily be created or users can choose from pre-made Potions by Netvibes and by the community. Potions are “if this, then that, or else do this” automations.

Example Potions that can easily be created include a stock monitor which can send the user an email when a stock reaches a certain price, or simply monitor a social media account and receive emails whenever there is a new post.

Netvibes Dashboard of Things is available immediately as a private technology preview but people interested in trying it out have to send a request. General availability is expected later in Q1, 2015.

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