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Students Miss Their Campus So Much They Recreated It In Minecraft
In many countries around the world, schools and educational institutions have yet to reopen as governments are trying to find the best way to go about it due to the coronavirus pandemic. While students are still receiving their education online through online classes, part of the experience is being on campus, hanging out with friends, and so on.

Engineer Creates A Robot To Cut His Hair
As many businesses are forced to temporarily halt their operations due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not surprising to see that many people have started to cut their own hair at home. This is because going to the barber or hair salon is no longer viable for the most part, but YouTuber Shane of Stuff Made Here decided to take this opportunity to create a robot that can cut his […]

CES 2021 Will Be Going All Digital
CES 2020 was probably one of the last major tech exhibitions in 2020 that was actually held in-person. This was before the coronavirus pandemic truly exploded, leading to other events like MWC 2020 to be cancelled. The organizers behind CES had initially planned to hold the event in-person for 2021, but it looks like those plans have since changed.

Moderna Enters Phase 3 Of Its Coronavirus Vaccine Trial
The coronavirus pandemic is one of the worst pandemics we have experienced in recent times. It has not only resulted in people losing their jobs, businesses getting shut down, but it has also resulted in many, many people getting sick and dying. This is why there is a rush to develop a vaccine so that we can get back to some level of normalcy.


Apple Maps Will Now Remind Users To Self-Isolate
While there are travel restrictions put into place pretty much all over the world, some travel is still allowed as people need to go to other countries for work or other emergency reasons. The SOP is that whenever you come back from travel, you should self-isolate for a couple of weeks to make sure that you’re not infected with the coronavirus.

These Engineers Have Created Reusable Coronavirus Face Masks
Face masks are encouraged in the current climate to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. For the most part, a lot of these masks are one-time use masks which are typically thrown away after you’re done with them. This does create quite a bit of a waste, which is why engineers at MIT and Bingham and Women’s Hospital have created a reusable N95 mask.

Dogs Are Being Trained To Sniff Out COVID-19 In People
They say that dogs have the ability to sniff out cancer in people. As you might know, dogs have a very keen sense of smell, so the belief is that dogs are able to smell certain things in people that are being generated because of cancer. Based on that belief, it seems that over in Spain, dogs are being trained to sniff out COVID-19 in people.

Oxford Coronavirus Vaccine Is Showing Some Promise
The race is currently on to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus. This is because until a vaccine can be developed, life as we know it will not be returning to normal due to how easily the virus seems to be spreading from one person to another. However, there is some good news on the vaccine development front.

This Air Filter Can Catch And Kill The Coronavirus
The reason why many governments and health officials around the world are recommending people to wear masks is because of how the coronavirus spreads. Research has shown that by wearing a mask, it does reduce the chance of the virus spreading, but recently, scientists have found growing evidence to suggest that the coronavirus could be transmitted through the air as well.

Moderna’s Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Are Showing Great Promise
Until a vaccine for the coronavirus can be found, it’s safe to say that life will not be returning back to normal. Even in countries like New Zealand where they seem to have gotten a handle on things, it is possible for flare ups to happen especially if they plan on reopening their borders, but there is some good news.

Samsung Launches A New Wireless Charger That Sterilizes Your Phone
If you were to think about it, would a toilet seat be cleaner than your smartphone? Given what we do in the toilet, it would be reasonable to think so, but the reality is that studies have found that our phones are actually dirtier due to our hands touching it, and our hands touch just about anything and everything.

Researchers Develop A Robot That Uses UVC Light To Disinfect Warehouses
Bacteria and viruses aren’t new, but if there is anything that the coronavirus pandemic has taught us, it is how easily transmittable some of them are, and how important practicing good hygiene is. While it is possible that one day the coronavirus will be a thing of the past, it doesn’t mean that we should go back to our normal ways.

Singapore Offers Bluetooth COVID-19 Trackers To Senior Citizens Without A Smartphone
To help stop the spread of the coronavirus, contact tracing comes into play. This is used to help trace the path of the infection to see who the infected person might have come into contact with, which in turn allows authorities to reach out to them to get them tested and also possibly quarantined to reduce the spread as much as possible.

NASA Created A Necklace That Reminds Wearers Not To Touch Their Face
One of the common pieces of advice that is being given out now in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is that you should always, always wash your hands with soap and water, and that you should avoid touching your face as much as possible. This is because as we go about our hands touch all kinds of objects which may or may not contain traces of the virus.