Articles about Coronavirus (page 2)

Apple Launches Study To See If Apple Watch Can Detect COVID-19
Future Smartphones Could Come With Built-In COVID-19 Detecting Sensors Debuts A Futuristic Face Mask With HEPA Filters
This Robot Uses UV Light To Kill Viruses On Airplanes
Razer Plans To Make Its Project Hazel Mask A Reality
Apple Maps Will Now Show COVID-19 Vaccination Locations
New Prototype COVID-19 Test Can Deliver Results Three Times Faster
The UK Will Soon Begin The World’s First Human COVID-19 Trial
A Smartphone-Enabled COVID-19 Testing Kit Is Currently Awaiting FDA Approval
Apple Watch Can Predict COVID-19 A Week Before A Swab Test
Instagram Scams Have Risen More Than 50% Since The Pandemic
Scientists Want To Use Twitter To Discover The Origins Of COVID-19
Study Finds COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be More Effective Than We Think
Study Finds Smartwatches Could Be Used To Detect COVID-19
The AirPop Is A Smart Mask That Tells You When To Change The Filter
Razer Just Unveiled A Smart Face Mask With Built-In RGBs
Yelp Will Now Tell You Which Restaurants Aren’t Following COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Singapore’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Will Be Used To Help Criminal Investigations
Is The Rise In Video Conference Calls Fueling The Plastic Surgery Industry?
90 Year Old British Woman Is The First To Receive A Post-Trial COVID-19 Vaccine