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Harman Kardon Cortana Speaker Possibly Coming Soon
We saw the trend of making smart connected objects and baking in virtual private assistants really explode at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 last month. Assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are gradually making their way into a variety of products including but not limited to smart speakers and even cars. Audio giant Harman Kardon is working on a new speaker that has Cortana baked in. It’s possible that […]

Cortana Will Soon Work On The Android Lock Screen
Microsoft’s digital personal assistant Cortana may have started out on its Windows Phone platform but the assistant has since been expanded to the company’s other devices like PCs and gaming consoles. Microsoft is also working with third-party manufacturers to bake Cortana into their products. It’s now making it much easier for Android users to take advantage of its assistant by bringing Cortana to the Android lock screen.

Microsoft Patent Describes How You Can Use Cortana During A Call
Using a voice assistant while you’re on the phone doesn’t make a lot of sense, right? After all you’re talking to someone so how would the voice assistant differentiate what you’re saying to a friend or whether or not you’re issuing a voice command? However Microsoft envisions a future where you could one day talk on the phone and use Cortana at the same time.

Nissan Cortana Integration Confirmed At CES 2017
BMW is not the only car company that’s working on integrating Cortana in its cars. Nissan is doing something similar. As part of its current partnership with Microsoft through the Renault-Nissan Alliance, the Japanese car maker is working with Microsoft on integrating its Cortana personal digital assistant in its cars. Cortana will be baked into the new Connected Vehicle Platform that Nissan is developing.


BMW Brings Cortana To Cars
Microsoft’s Cortana digital personal assistant was launched a couple of years ago. It’s available on Windows-powered smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even gaming consoles. It hasn’t really made its way to the car as yet but the company has worked with BMW on a vision for the future which puts Cortana inside the German auto giant’s luxurious vehicles.

Harman Kardon Speaker With Cortana Coming In 2017
It is safe to say that the Amazon Echo was a bit of a surprise hit. This is because there are already several voice assistants in the market today, and the idea of baking it into a speaker seemed more novel than functional at that time, but judging from the response so far, Amazon seems to have struck gold with it.

Windows 10 Creators Update Brings Cortana For IoT Devices
Microsoft already has Cortana up and running on several of its platforms, including but not limited to PCs, smartphones, and gaming consoles. It certainly wants the personal digital assistant to spread its wings and to enable Cortana to do that, Microsoft is going to expand the assistant to Internet of Things devices with the Windows 10 Creators Update that’s due early next year.

Latest Surface Pro 4 Update Improves Cortana Performance
Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is a pretty robust device that provides a full Windows experience. It’s regarded as one of the best devices that the company has ever made and there’s certainly truth to that claim. Microsoft has released a new software update for the Surface Pro 4, it says that this isn’t a major update, so it’s not likely the latest Surface Pro 4 update is going to bring […]

Microsoft's 'Project Evo' Makes Cortana An Amazon Echo Rival
Cortana is limited to PCs, mobile devices, and Microsoft’s gaming console so it can’t really be considered as an Amazon Echo rival. The Echo devices are basically smart speakers with Amazon’s digital personal assistant Alexa baked in. Alexa is able to personal a wide variety of tasks at the user’s commands. Cortana does the same on the aforementioned devices but with the newly announced “Project Evo,” Microsoft is going to […]

Cortana Will Soon Be Able To Shut Down And Restart A Windows 10 PC
Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant is capable of doing so much at your command and soon it will be able to shut down and restart your Windows 10 PC as well. The company has rolled out a new beta build of Windows 10 to members of the Insider program. The latest build brings a lot of improvements, it will enable Cortana to shut down or restart a Windows 10 PC […]

Cortana For Android Updated With Several New Improvements
Microsoft has released a new update for its Cortana digital personal assistant on Android. It has been a month since Cortana for Android was last updated. The latest update doesn’t bring any major new features to the mix but it does bring some new improvements that will further enhance the experience for Cortana users on Android. One of the improvements includes the ability to remind users about upcoming birthdays.

Xiaomi Mi Mix Comes Bundled With Cortana Digital Assistant
Microsoft has created its own digital personal assistant named Cortana that’s capable of holding its own against rivals like Siri. It may have started on Windows Phone smartphones but Cortana has since been expanded to the broader Microsoft ecosystem so now it’s a staple on the company’s desktop OS as well. It remains available on smartphones as well and given the partnership that Microsoft has with Xiaomi, it also comes […]

Cortana Will Soon Be Released In South Korea
It has been over a year since Microsoft unveiled its digital personal assistant called Cortana. It has gradually made its way to more Windows-powered devices by Microsoft and the company has gradually been rolling it out in more countries across the globe. Microsoft is working to expand Cortana to more countries and the company has confirmed that its digital personal assistant is soon going to be released for its users […]

Major Xbox One Update Arrives With Cortana In Tow
The promised new major update for Xbox One which has been in preview for a few weeks now has finally been released for everybody. The Xbox One summer update brings some highly anticipated features to the console such as the Cortana personal digital assistant. It’s currently available for those who are in the United States and UK, Cortana on Xbox One has been designed to look and feel just like […]