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Cortana Unable To Recognize Songs Anymore
Cortana has many features and song recognition used to be one of them. You could ask Microsoft’s digital personal assistant to listen to a song and let you know who it was from. That’s no longer going to be possible, though, as the closure of another Microsoft service has resulted in this Cortana feature biting the dust. Cortana can no longer identify songs on demand. This is due to Microsoft’s […]

Cortana Follow Me Will Make Windows Navigation Easier
It appears that Microsoft is working on a new feature for Windows called Follow Me which is going to make navigation easier. The feature is going to use the Cortana personal digital assistant for guided navigation. A short video has been posted online today highlighting this feature. What it does is guide the user with visual prompts on the screen in conjunction with the Cortana voice assistant.

Microsoft Brings Cortana To Skype
Microsoft is gradually rolling out its Cortana personal assistant to more services and today it has announced that Cortana is now available in Skype. Cortana in Skype will make it easier for users to find information and search for what they’re looking for without having to leave the conversation. Microsoft says that it’s bringing Cortana to Skype to help users in their everyday conversations.

Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker Price Possibly Revealed
Microsoft has been working with third-party manufacturers to expand Cortana to smart speakers. The Invoke from Harman Kardon is one such product. The Samsung-owned company unveiled its Invoke smart speaker back in May this year but it didn’t really say precisely when it will be released and how much it will cost. It appears that the pricing for the Harman Kardon Invoke has been revealed by an accidental listing on […]


Microsoft And Amazon Have Integrated Cortana And Alexa
Major tech companies like Microsoft and Apple have created their own artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistants. It’s not common for rival assistants to play nice with each other but the relationship between Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa will be cordial. The two companies have partnered to better integrate their own digital assistants.

Users Can Now Use Cortana Together With Fitbit
If you want to monitor your fitness progress with your Fitbit, you can always just glance at its display to see what is happening at the moment, or alternatively you can always launch the app for your history and other details. However it seems that Fitbit owners have a new way of interacting with their biometrics, and that is through Cortana.

Microsoft Unveils A Cortana-Powered Smart Thermostat
When you think of smart thermostats, there’s a good chance that Nest comes to mind, and rightfully so considering who developed it (former Apple exec), and who currently owns it (Google’s parent company, Alphabet). However it seems that Microsoft isn’t going to sit around and do nothing.

Microsoft Trying To Make Cortana More Like Google Assistant
While pretty much every company out there is putting out a digital voice assistant of their own, it seems that for the most part, they all function in different ways. For example Google Assistant can be used with voice and text, where users can actually talk to Google Assistant by typing out their commands.

New Cortana UI Shows Bing Results On Desktop
Cortana is integrated with Windows 10 and thus it provides a lot of functionality to the taskbar. Windows 10 users can rely on Cortana to help them out with a wide variety of tasks by just issuing it voice commands. While Cortana has always been able to search the web, that functionality did require some improvement, and Microsoft appears to be making some improvements.

HP Cortana Speaker Confirmed
Amazon’s Echo devices have been very successful so far, no wonder the company keeps on adding new products to the lineup. Microsoft is looking to compete against the Echo devices by working with its OEM partners on smart speakers powered by its virtual assistant, Cortana. HP has confirmed today that it’s building its very own Cortana speaker.

Harman Kardon Invoke Speaker With Cortana Now Official
After a leak earlier today that revealed information about its upcoming product, Harman Kardon has officially unveiled the Invoke smart speaker that’s powered by Cortana. It’s basically an Amazon Echo rival that comes with Microsoft’s personal digital assistant baked in. It offers a wide variety of functions all of which can be controlled using voice commands. Since it’s a Harman Kardon product, customers can expect sublime audio quality as well.

Microsoft's Cortana-Powered Invoke Speaker Has Spotify Support
It was confirmed by Microsoft last year that premium audio brand Harman Kardon is working on a new smart speaker that’s powered by its artificial intelligence assistant Cortana. It didn’t reveal much information about this product but the teaser video that it shared made it seem like the speaker, called Invoke, would be quite similar to the Amazon Echo as far as its form factor goes. The company also said […]

Cortana Lands On The Android Lock Screen
Microsoft released Cortana for rival platforms a long time ago. For the past few months, it has been running tests that give Cortana a presence on the Android lock screen. The tests appear to have gone off well because the company has now decided to launch the feature to the public. Cortana has now arrived on the Android lock screen.

Microsoft Launches Revamped Version Of Cortana For iOS Devices
Back in the day when voice assistants were first launched, many of them had stayed as exclusives to the platforms they were designed for. Siri for iOS, Google Now for Android, and Cortana for Windows. However over time companies started to make their AI available to others, which is what Microsoft did by launching Cortana for non-Windows devices.