2011 MacBooks with Intel Sandy Bridge Processors to Utilize Integrated Intel GPU, Discrete AMD GPU

Anonymous sources have told CNET that Apple’s 2011 MacBook refresh will see the company’s portable computers utilizing Intel’s forthcoming Sandy Bridge processor, which will extend improvements to the Core i-x chipset series. With the new Sandy Bridge CPU, Apple will no longer be utilizing NVIDIA as a vendor for its graphics processor. Instead, MacBook models 13-inch and under will be sporting integrated Intel GPU. In the past, Apple has eschewed […]

Next Galaxy Tab to Use Orion Dual-Core CPU, Quad-Core GPU

The next generation Galaxy Tab Android tablet could use a newer, faster dual-core processor that will be custom made by Samsung using a reference design based on ARM technologies. While current Galaxy Tab uses a customized version of the single-core ARM Cortex A8 reference design with a fast graphics processor, the Orion will utilize the faster dual-core ARM Cortex A9 reference design with an ARM-based quad-core Mali-400 GPU. The information […]

Intel Will Not Be Left Behind of Tablet Race

With the surge of tablets that are coming or will be coming to the market, Intel is not one to be left behind. Company CEO Paul Otellini says, “We believe that like netbooks, tablets will expand the term for computing overall with a new form factor and new uses that bring computing to even more aspects of our lives.” The company is optimistic that that it could profit from the […]

Intel Overclocks Its Sandy Bridge CPU To 4.9GHz Using Air Cooling Only

Many folks are wondering what to expect from Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processors, and Intel seems to be quite happy to fill you in with that information. The chip giant decided to spare some time and perform some overclocking feats this week. Details weren’t abundant, but a new CPU was overclocked using air cooling and tested running Cinebench R11.5. With that setup, the processor managed to run at 4.9GHz and […]


AMD demonstrate its Zacate low-power processor

Photo courtesy of AnandTech AMD has made a tradition of holding a “get together” media event while the Intel Developer Conference is in full swing. Today, they have demonstrated their Zacate CPU, a direct competitor for Intel’s ATOM. That means Netbooks, and possibly Tablets. So, what’s so cool about Zacate? Well, the idea is that it’s a low-power (9W-18W) chip that comes with an integrated graphics that outperforms Intel’s current […]

SetCPU for Android ekes out even more performance from your smartphone

In life, effective people tend to rely on the power of leverage as they maximize just about everything and anything possible to get ahead and remain there. In terms of smartphone hardware, you can always opt for the safe route of purchasing a model that has the fastest processor in the market, but for the more adventurous types, there is always the option of overclocking your device – albeit it […]

Cooler Master V6GT CPU cooler gets fashionable LED strip

If you happen to want to build a speed demon of a gaming rig, then chances are you would delve into the world of overclocking, which means a CPU cooler is in order. The Cooler Master V6GT CPU cooler might just fit the bill since it will cater to the flashy generation who seemingly wants aesthetics not only on the exterior of the computer, but on the inside as well. […]

AMD 6-core CPU could be a game changer?

AMD’s latest 6-core processors are strangely affordable to the mass market, where its 3.2GHz Phenom II X6 1090T is going for $295, which is way lower than Intel’s hexa-core Core i7-980X that retails for $1,000, slightly more than triple the amount. Apart from that, AMD’s latest processor is also backwards compatible with most of the AM3 and selected AM2+, motherboards, making a CPU upgrade much easier on your pockets. The […]

Intel Starts Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund

Intel just announced that it has created the Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund whose goal is to accelerate the rate of innovation on its Atom platforms. This is another tool that the Intel Atom Developer Program can use to entice developers to create and submit applications. At the moment, here’s how developer can get cash from the fund – in Intel’s own words: Fast Track 2010: Developers want quick […]

Three New Cortex CPUs Coming From ARM

Looks like the future is bright for mobile devices, especially since ARM has revealed the roadmap for future iterations of its Cortex-A series of chips. The upcoming chip is codenamed Eagle, and is estimated to have 3 billion units produced annually. While there isn’t too much information on it revealed just yet, we do know that it’s targeted at smartphones, mobile computing and digital TV products. Word is that it’ll […]

Atom-powered phones, first pictures (updated: with video)

Pankaj Kedia, the Director of Intel’s Global Ecosystem Programs has shown us the first Atom-powered phones, one of which is from LG (model GW990). It runs on the next generation LG UI that includes 3D elements. When in 2D mode, the Ui looks very much like the S-class user interface. We know that the phone is powered by Moorestown but Intel has declined to provide frequencies, RAM and other specifications. […]

Tilera 100-core processor set its sights on Intel and AMD

Intel and AMD might soon have to face a new competitor in the form of Tilera with their newly developed 100-core processor that will attempt to muscle its way into the server market that is currently a monopoly by both Intel and AMD. The Tile-GX series of processors will target servers and appliances that execute Web-related functions including indexing, Web search and video search. Sipping nearly 55 watts of juice […]

Intel’s mobility future depends on ‘desirability’

At the Intel Technology Summit, Intel mentioned that future computers need to be not only affordable and capable, but most importantly desirable. And for that very reason, Intel is learning skills that are usually outside of its core semi-conductor business, like ultra-thin designs and efficient cooling that are usually conflicting goals. To you and us, that simply means: cooler gadgets, soon! Intel also said that developed countries went from having one […]

CPU against GPU in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

WSJ’s Don Clark has written an interesting article about how GPUs (graphics processing unit) and CPUs (central processing unit) are competing to be the top processor in Hollywood’s Computer Graphics (CG) business. In “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”, ILM used GPUs to compute a fire effect*. This is quite a milestone for an industry typically dominated by CPU farms. While there is indeed a nascent competition between both types […]