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California Department Of Motor Vehicles Suffers Credit Card Data Breach
It does not matter where you are right now, but basically all companies should always do their utmost best to make sure that they do not end up as a victim of a credit card data breach. I suppose one can chalk up the California Department of Motor Vehicles as the latest victim in an ever growing list, where this wide-ranging security breach could have affected up to thousands of […]

Unencrypted Credit Card And CCV Numbers Stolen
Security in the digital age can be quite a touchy subject, especially when you consider just how breaches in the past such as the debacle surrounding Adobe recently, leaking out information of approximately 3 million accounts. Apparently, those reports were conservative at best, where the actual impact is said to have touched the 150 million mark. Not only that, Microsoft also did report on a major IE11 vulnerability that was […]

PayAnywhere card payment system debuts
Square might just get some competition in the form of the PayAnywhere card payment system, especially when the latter has just announced that they will be rolling out their very own credit card reader before the month is over. Backed by North American Bancard, the PayAnywhere mobile payment system has every intention to stamp its mark on the masses, especially against other of the more recent launches, by offering a […]

Hackers break into Global Payments, over 50k credit card accounts compromised
The modern method of doing business on the Internet equals to performing paperless transactions, and most the the time, these electronic transactions are pretty stable, except for the occasional breach of security. That is a particularly sensitive issue, since you can never quite tell just who might be using your banking details to perform transactions of their own after that. The latest breach in security has happened to Global Payments, […]


Contactless credit card can be toggled on or off
I am quite sure that you have heard more than your fair share of horror stories concerning credit card fraud, and are learned enough to take good care of your credit card – especially when you make a purchase. It is always a good habit to keep track of all your transactions performed so that you can be on the case of a fraudulent purchase the moment you see it. […]

PlayStation Card - time to stimulate the economy
Want to do your bit for Uncle Sam and make sure enough money flows around the market? I guess the only way would be to spend, spend and spend, but in these times of belt tightening and austerity measures, you might want to be more careful with where your hard earned dollars end up. Well, Sony has been working with Capital One to create a credit card which will have […]

Alipay to take PayPal on with cross-border transactions
As far as the rest of the world is concerned, PayPal is one of the leading solutions for conducting internet transactions, whose services can be more commonly found on websites such as eBay, but now it looks like it could be facing a new competitor in the form of Alipay, which is China’s answer to PayPal.

NetSecure Payments Kudos lets everyone have a credit card machine
While it’s not exactly in everybody’s best interests to have a portable credit card machine that can be brought wherever they go, the technology is available for such purposes. The folks over at NetSecure Payments have recently introduced its Kudos credit card acceptance kit over to the US. The Kudos is basically a gadget that can be used to turn desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones into credit card terminals.This allows […]

Intuit Announces Prepaid Debit Card for GoPayment
A few hours ago, Intuit showcased its new mobile applications lineup at an event in Moutain View, among them, an updated version of its GoPayment service launched as an iPhone app in 2009.GoPayment , just like competing solution Square, enables anyone to process credit card payment directly on a smartphone, using a free credit card scanner plugged into the phone or the iPad. (picture below)Small businesses will be able to […]

Credit card gets E Ink display for safer online shopping experience
E Ink displays aren’t just for e-book readers, as they have now been put to good use on, of all places, credit cards. Yes, those pieces of plastic which tend to have you pay much more than you actually can afford because you lack the financial nous and discipline. When placed in a credit card, it will help in security issues whenever you make online purchases, as each time you […]

Cash out with Dynamics MultiAccount new credit cards
[CES 2011] Ever wondered how the credit card will evolve from what it is today? Dynamics has the answer with their MultiAccount credit cards which will be able to merge multiple accounts onto a single card, letting you choose the type that you want to use whenever the cashier is ready to ring up your purchases. The selected acount will be indicated via a tiny blinking light located next to […]

Square Starts Shipping iPhone 4-compatible Credit Card Readers
Everything wasn’t rosy recently for the Square mobile payment system. It was discovered that the current version interfered with the iPhone’s antenna due to contact with its own metal fitting. Square has just released an updated version of the product that is now compatible with the iPhone 4, thanks to the use of a plastic fitting instead of metal. The device is already shipping and Square will ship the reader […]

Citi Redemption Card Allows You To Hit A Button To Select Payment Method
We previously filled you in on the next-generation credit cards from Dynamics, and now Citi is using such a solution in its Redemption payment device that sports a credit card form factor. The card features two tiny buttons that allow you to choose whether to charge a purchase normally or redeem your reward points or cash rewards towards the purchase. The card will be trialed with selected Citi card customers. […]

Dynamics to offer smart credit cards
Credit cards have been smart in our books for a long time now, as what other things we own are able to subtly suck us into the world of materialism and knee deep in debt before we know it? Well, Dynamics has found a way to make credit cards smarter, as the demonstrated a couple of credit cards which are able to have their magnetic stripes rewritten on-the-fly. The first […]