The modern method of doing business on the Internet equals to performing paperless transactions, and most the the time, these electronic transactions are pretty stable, except for the occasional breach of security. That is a particularly sensitive issue, since you can never quite tell just who might be using your banking details to perform transactions of their own after that. The latest breach in security has happened to Global Payments, a payments processor based in Atlanta, where hackers might have scooted off with over 50,000 card accounts. This breach happened sometime between Jan. 21 and Feb. 25, where this information was inferred by notices that Visa and MasterCard sent to banks recently. There is still no exact word on the extent of the breach as well as total monetary “damage” done, but it is most probably not all too serious. This sounds scary, just like how hackers might actually be able to retrieve credit card details from refurbished Xbox 360 consoles. How do you do your part to ensure the safety of your credit card details? Do share your thoughts on different methods used in the comments.

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