california-dmv-breachIt does not matter where you are right now, but basically all companies should always do their utmost best to make sure that they do not end up as a victim of a credit card data breach. I suppose one can chalk up the California Department of Motor Vehicles as the latest victim in an ever growing list, where this wide-ranging security breach could have affected up to thousands of citizens, at least according to some sources. It was earlier in the week that MasterCard issued an alert that noted that credit cards which were used online in transactions that had California’s DMV could have resulted in the theft of data and personal information, where among them included credit card numbers, expiration dates, and three-digit security codes.

It remains to be determined as to the total number of cards which have been stolen, but security blogger Brian Krebs claims that a minimum of five different financial institutions have already confirmed the data breach. Krebs also mentioned that the potentially compromised transactions happened within a time window of half a year, starting from August 2, 2013 all the way to January 21, 2014.

It never pays to be more vigilant than ever before today, and companies ought to do their bit to ensure that their security is as watertight as possible.

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