In order to mine for cryptocurrency, miners require very powerful rigs that involve the use of high-end, powerful GPUs. Due to the craze surrounding bitcoin and other types of crypto, many miners have been snapping up these GPUs in bulk, leaving gamers with inflated prices.

To try and put a stop to this, companies like NVIDIA tried to implement software such as hash rate limiters that were designed to prevent GPUs from being used for mining, but it turns out that it isn’t enough because NVIDIA’s RTX 30-series hash rate limiter has since been bypassed.

According to a report from MyDrivers, the Nvidia RTX LHR v2 Unlocker from Sergey tool allows users to modify their RTX 30-series BIOS and drivers so that it no longer lowers the hash rate when Ethereum mining has been detected. This effectively allows miners to use the GPUs for mining without running into any issues.

That being said, hopefully NVIDIA is aware of this and are working on ways to either introduce new and more robust software to prevent this, or find some way to improve the supply of GPUs. The latter might be a bit tricky due to the global chip shortage, so gamers shopping for new GPUs will unfortunately still have a hard time finding a good deal on a GPU.

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