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CTIA Launches Know My App Website That Details Potentially Data Hungry Apps
Data caps have increased over the years, namely due to more people adopting smartphones, as well as apps these days connecting us more than ever, thus caps need to be increased, naturally. However for the less tech savvy, they might not know which app is consuming the most data and could find from time to time that their data is being eaten away faster than they would like, which sometimes […]

Tegra 4i Integrated LTE Modem Tops 150Mbps
At CTIA 2013, NVIDIA is demonstrating its 4G LTE modem capability of the Tegra 4i processor with integrated modem and the i500 stand-alone modem. You may recall that NVIDIA did a similar demonstration at Mobile World Congress when they showed a CAT3 100Mbps LTE link , but this time, the chip-maker has pushed the envelope by connecting their modems to a CAT4 150Mbps LTE link.

LG Mobile unveils LTE smartphones at CTIA 2012
CTIA 2012 is LG’s playground where LTE smartphones are concerned, where they will demonstrate a wide range of mobile device for those who decide to drop by LG’s booth. Having done so, you will be able to experience first hand 4G LTE speed, advanced 3D technology, and an enhanced user experience which LG claims is very different from anything and everything else. Just to make sure that we are on […]

Nokia Announces New App Partnerships at CTIA Wireless
Today at CTIA Wireless – the show for “all things mobile”, the Finnish mobile manufacturer, Nokia announced a plethora of new and extended application-based partners that are touted to bring leading and exclusive titles to the Lumia smartphone range. These newly announced applications will be part of the 80,000 applications currently available on the Windows Phone Marketplace. Senior Vice President of Nokia Developer, Marco Argenti said,


Kyocera unveils Hydro and Rise Android 4.0 handsets at CTIA
If you’re a fan of Kyocera and their phones, you might be interested to hear that at CTIA, the Japanese company unveiled two new handsets – the Hydro and the Rise, both of which are entry level devices but will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on board. A move which we’re sure will be appreciated by Android users out there who are still waiting on the Android 4.0 […]

Samsung Galaxy Nexus to be delayed
As most of the rumors had it, Samsung was rumored to unveil the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (a.k.a Nexus Prime) and Google was said to be launching Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 next Tuesday at the Samsung Unpacked 2011 event. We’re sure that many are already pretty excited about the impending release of both the phone and the updated OS, especially with images of the Galaxy Nexus surfacing which served only […]

Galaxy Tab 8.9 Preview
Galaxy Tab 8.9 Preview - this preview of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 goes over the strengths and weaknesses of the 8.9-inch form factor, and the custom changes that Samsung made to Honeycomb

SnapKeys unveiled at CTIA
The magical text input solution known as SnapKeys 2i was reported about last month. Not many details were given then, leading a lot of people to believe that it 2i was a trick or some sort of hoax. Well, at the CTIA this week, SnapKeys have announced that they will be unveiling to the world how the 2i works. What was once a mysterious website has now been updated to […]

Sprint HTC EVO 3D & HTC View Tablet @ CTIA
Sprint today unveiled the first all 3D cellphone, the HTC EVO 3D, which features a 4.3-inch glasses-free QHD 3D display and also records 3D still photos and video. The one will be pre-loaded with Blockbuster On Demand, a source that includes 3D movies. HTC and Sprint also took the wraps off a 7-inch 4G/3G tablet, the HTC View 4G.The HTC EVO 3D features a 4.3 inch 960 x 540 pixel […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Tab 8.9
[CTIA] Samsung unveiled not one but two new tablet computers today at CTIA in Orlando, but the shocker may be the pricing. As expected, the company bowed its “new and improved” 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab II, which will be priced at $499 for the 16 GB version and $599 for the 32 GB edition, the same prices as the smaller-screened Apple iPad 2. It’ll be available in WiFi only on June […]

HTC Pyramid specs and renders leaked
After a number of rumors of HTC’s upcoming dual-core phone, it looks like we finally have some images of the device. A couple of renders and specs of the HTC Pyramid have surfaced online, lending more credibility to the stories. Judging by the specs of the device it looks like it’s going to be one impressive phone. It is said to be the world’s first Android phone that packs a […]

HTC Evo 4G finally puts WiMax into your hand
HTC and Sprint have just launched the HTC EVO 4G, the first Android phone of its kind that will not only let you access WiMax networks at a much faster speed (and most likely with real unlimited bandwidth), it will also let you share your speedy connection with your laptop – or your friends. This is a huge deal because until now we mostly had to endure slow connections, hack […]

Gold Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch At CTIA
If black isn’t your thing, then Kempler & Strauss probably made a good move when the company came up with its new limited edition gold W PhoneWatch. The gold W PhoneWatch was announced at CTIA, and there will only be 1000 units of it made. Aside from the gold dressing of this device, it functions similarly as the original W PhoneWatch, meaning it sports a 1.5-inch TFT touchscreen, media player, […]

CTIA Backs 3.5mm Standardization
We’ve all gone been through the frustration of having different type of connectors for different devices. Be it USB, microUSB, miniUSB, 2.5mm and 3.5mm jacks, the list seems endless, and it’s also very irritating. The good news is that the CTIA Wireless Association is trying to do something about it, as it’s behind an initiative to make 3.5mm plugs the standard for earphones, headphones and microUSB connections in mobile devices […]