knowmyappData caps have increased over the years, namely due to more people adopting smartphones, as well as apps these days connecting us more than ever, thus caps need to be increased, naturally. However for the less tech savvy, they might not know which app is consuming the most data and could find from time to time that their data is being eaten away faster than they would like, which sometimes could lead to bill shocks. Well the good news is that the CTIA has decided to do something about it by launching a website called Know My App.

The website basically shows how much data some apps can consume, and compares it against some of the data plans provided by the carriers in the US. They also teach consumers to switch to WiFi services whenever available, and how to adjust app settings to prevent it from consuming more data than it should. Like we said this information is probably more suited to the less tech savvy, but for those still grandfathering unlimited data plans or for those who know their way around a smartphone, well we suppose this information is probably known, but some of it might be useful anyway. For those who know someone who might have gotten a smartphone for the first time, like an elderly relative, Know My App could be a good place to start.

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