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Allpriv Military-Grade Cyber Security For The At-Home Workforce
The computer market has experienced an insane 34% increase in 2020 because of a massive number of workers under a “work at home” mandate.

Recover From Ransomware Attacks With Recovery Toolbox for SQL Server
Any Database Administrator (DBA) knows that security comes first. Thanks to responsible engineers, the database always works without failure. Also, there is the latest backup on the shelf, with which you can restore data in case of problems.

Hackers Are Using Coronavirus Tracker Maps To Install Malware
While Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO, hackers are taking advantage of the situation in the digital world.Previously, we highlighted an online dashboard that helps track the impact of Coronavirus.Even though that is a genuine source, potential hackers are making clones of the original website or making different websites that claim to be the real sources.For instance, you might notice a couple of websites like – […]

Lokly Encrypted USB Key For The Most Paranoid UsersEditor's Pick
With the incredible miniaturization of portable SSD storage, you can carry several libraries worth of data in your pocket. But the mix of increased capacity and pocketable form factor creates security risks equally important.


You Can Plant A Tiny Spy Chip In Any Hardware For Just $200
We have all heard about something similar in the movies. But, in reality?Well, only organizations like NSA could have done something like that to spy on government officials (or the general public).Edward Snowden may not be a saint but the claim against NSA’s surveillance definitely points to a lot of things we couldn’t have known.Now that we have realized the fact that everyone is being tracked in some way or […]

Japan's New Cybersecurity Minister Has Never Used A Computer
With cybersecurity challenges mounting and attacks getting more sophisticated, you would expect that the people governments put in positions responsible for cyber defence would have at least some knowledge of the subject matter. That’s wasn’t a requirement, apparently, for the Japanese government because the man it has appointed as its new cybersecurity minister has never used a computer in his life.

San Francisco Security Conference On July 31st
20 Ubergizmo readers can get one free ticket ($750 value each) with the code “Ubergizmo” at checkout. First come, first served

Google's Parent Company Gets In The Cybersecurity Business
Alphabet – the parent company of Google – is now in the business of cybersecurity. It has launched an independent entity called Chronicle under the Alphabet umbrella that’s going to help companies, track, find, and stop cyberattacks. Chronicle is divided into two branches. One develops the cybersecurity and analytics platform that will help companies better manage and understand their security-related data and the other is VirusTotal. It’s a malware intelligence […]

Pentagon Accidentally Exposed Internet Surveillance Data
The Department of Defense probably didn’t want poeple to know that it has been collecting billions of public internet posts from news sites, social media networks, and online forums. The cat was let out of the bag accidentally when it exposed the internet surveillance data on its cloud-based storage server. The online storage misconfiguration allowed anyone with a free Amazon AWS account to browse and even download the data.

Trump And Putin Discuss Forming A Cyber Security Unit
If you follow political developments in the United States, you will be well aware that there’s a lot of noise about Russia’s alleged role in meddling with the U.S. presidential election last year. Some claim that Russian hackers did enough damage to swing the election in President Trump’s favor. While there have been claims and counter-claims, many might have been surprised to hear that President Trump and President Putin have […]

Girl Scouts Badges List Will Add Cybersecurity Next Year
The Girl Scouts organization has announced that it has partnered with Palo Alto Networks to release 18 new cybersecurity badges that members will be able to earn over the next two years. The Girl Scouts badges list is going to add the new cybersecurity badges in the fall next year as the first is going to be released in September 2018.

Norton Core Secure WiFi Router
You probably know Norton for its security software, but Norton Core is a great looking home router which is touted as being “secure.” With the number of connected home devices increasing rapidly and very sensitive data such as live home video feeds there are many potential targets for hacking. That’s why Norton thinks there is a market for a secure router.

Trend Micro Flaw Would Have Allowed Hackers To Steal Your Passwords
It’s ironic when programs that are meant to protect you from attackers actually open up doors from them. One of Google’s information security engineers discovered a critical flaw in Trend Micro antivirus which would not only have allowed attackers to execute code remotely but would have even let them steal all of your passwords.