While Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by WHO, hackers are taking advantage of the situation in the digital world.

Previously, we highlighted an online dashboard that helps track the impact of Coronavirus.

Even though that is a genuine source, potential hackers are making clones of the original website or making different websites that claim to be the real sources.

For instance, you might notice a couple of websites like – coronavirus-real-map.com or coronavirus-realtime.com

You might still get the correct information from the fake websites. However, the unofficial websites might prompt you to install applications or collect your personal information in some way or the other.

Some of the reported websites encouraged the users to install a malicious app on Windows to potentially compromise the system.

The best way to stay away from the unofficial sites is by looking at the URL in the browser’s address bar. If the URL has arcgis.com as the domain name, you’re at the right place. For reference, you can bookmark the original source website.

If it’s something different, it is either a new community-based website or a fake website that could compromise your system.

For now, TheNextWeb reports that it is specifically a threat to Windows-powered computers. But, we advise you to stay away from third-party websites unless you are sure about them.

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