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iPhone 6s VS Nikon D750 In 4K Video Shootout
While our smartphones are great camera replacements as far as compact cameras are concerned, we’re not sure if they’re at that point where it could take on a DSLR, especially given how DSLRs have access to a wider range of lenses, different processors, and much bigger sensors.However in a recent YouTube video posted by Lee Morris of Fstoppers, he has compared the new iPhone 6s to the Nikon D750 DSLR […]

Nikon D750 Filmmaker's Kit Announced For $4,000
Back in the day if you wanted to record video, you’d have to turn to a dedicated video camera. This meant that if you wanted both photos and videos, you’d need to bring two devices with you which can be rather bulky and troublesome. However DSLRs these days are more than capable of capturing excellent video, but if you wanted to take your photography to the next level, Nikon has […]

Nikon Looking Into D750 Reflection/Flare Issues
The Nikon D750 is a relatively new camera as it was launched back in September, however it seems that there are some issues plaguing the device like a reflection/flare that seems to have affected several units. Nikon has since issued a statement about the problem and have stated that they are looking into the matter.According to Nikon, “We have received indications from some users that when photographing scenes in which […]

Alleged Nikon D750 Photo Leaked
As you probably have heard by now, Nikon is said to be working on a new full frame camera in the form of the Nikon D750, whose alleged specs were leaked the other day. Well thanks to newly leaked photos obtained from a retailer’s website, we now have some inkling as to what the upcoming camera could look like.We should point out that the images aren’t necessarily of the highest […]


Additional Nikon D750 Specs Leaked Ahead Of Announcement
According to a rumor back in August, word on the street was that Nikon was preparing to launch a new full frame camera in the form of the Nikon D750. Well if you were wondering what you could expect from the camera upon its official announcement, you might be interested to learn that the folks at Nikon Rumors have managed to get their hands on the specs of the camera, […]

Additional Nikon D750 Specs Revealed [Rumor]
According to a rumor last week, there was talk about Nikon possibly getting ready to release a full frame camera in the form of the Nikon D750, and now thanks to the folks at Nikon Rumors, they have managed to get their hands on a screenshot which allegedly reveals additional specifications about the camera.