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Sign Language Ring Concept Will Help Translate In Realtime
We recently took a look at LEAP READER, which is a device that’s currently in development that helps those of us who don’t read sign language understand those that only have it as their primary form of communication. If you are going to be doing a lot of sign language in the future, you may want to actually learn the language, or at least help in understanding someone who is […]

Sprint announces CapTel service for those hard of hearing
For those hard of hearing, Sprint has seen to it that you will be able to get the most out of your mobile experience, especially if you’re using an Android phone, thanks to the Wireless CapTel by Sprint app, which the carrier is claiming “increases accessibility in mobile communications for individuals who are hard-of-hearing.”

Deaf woman hears herself in greater clarity than ever before
For those of us who are not deaf or hard of hearing, have you ever wondered how is it like to live a silent life? Since a picture speaks a thousand words, just check out the emotion the lady above displayed after she described herself in a short excerpt, “I was born deaf and 8 weeks ago I received a hearing implant. This is the video of them turning it […]

Sony UK developing "subtitle glasses" for the deaf
Unfortunately for deaf people, when it comes to watching movies in the cinema, choice is often limited not only in terms of movies being offered, but also the time slots that are available, which is unfortunate since deaf people should be able to enjoy the same movies at the same time as other people.


Laser allows deaf to "hear"
Can the condition of being deaf be reversed? A group of boffings from the University of Utah that has Richard Rabbitt at the helm has come across a method that uses lasers to offer deaf people the ability to hear. This is made possible using a low-power infrared diode – similar to those found in laser-pointers. It seemed that exposing oyster toadfish hair cells (which are actually analogous to the […]

Patent: Multi-purpose iPhone Audio Adapter To Assist The Hearing Impaired
Apple has filed for a patent application related to methods and apparatus for connecting together two electrical devices in which mating connector on each device are of different sizes. The mismatch of physical design can be overcome by the use of an audio adapter that is constructed from a plug having one dimension, a jack having another dimension and a coupler that physically and electrically connects the plug and jack […]

Concept: Soundtouch Lets The Deaf Enjoy Music Through Vibration
If you’re deaf you might not be able to enjoy music, but a designer has imagined an innovative music system that would allow the deaf to experience various forms of music. It was developed as a concept for Bang & Olufsen, the audio experts, and is dubbed Soundtouch. Soundtouch uses piezoelectric materials to activate vibrations, creating a series of rhythms so that the deaf will be able to “hear” the […]

Sign Language Voice Translator
Check out the Sign Language Voice Translator that allows the blind to communicate with the deaf – something that would be welcome highly since their respective languages cannot understand each other to date. This device will function as a translator, converting gestures in voice, while voice will be translated to to written text. It would greatly benefit society from both camps on the whole if something like this were to […]