We recently took a look at LEAP READER, which is a device that’s currently in development that helps those of us who don’t read sign language understand those that only have it as their primary form of communication. If you are going to be doing a lot of sign language in the future, you may want to actually learn the language, or at least help in understanding someone who is deaf or hard of hearing. Luckily, the Sign Language Ring has been conceptualized to hopefully help all of us someday.

The Sign Language Ring isn’t just a ring, but instead it’s a set of rings and a bracelet that are detachable from one another . When they’re worn together, they work together to detect the motions of the user’s fingers. The bracelet then is able to “translate” these gestures audibly through an embedded speaker on the bracelet. The bracelet is also able to translate voice to text, which allows the wearer to read what someone says through a built-in screen.

The Sign Language Ring recently won the red dot design award for its design concept, which drew inspiration from Buddha prayer beads. As for when exactly the Sign Language Ring can become an actual product, that’s unknown at this time, but when it does come to market, it’ll greatly improve living for those who are hard of hearing.

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