Unfortunately for deaf people, when it comes to watching movies in the cinema, choice is often limited not only in terms of movies being offered, but also the time slots that are available, which is unfortunate since deaf people should be able to enjoy the same movies at the same time as other people.

Apart from foreign movies, subtitles are a rare sight and in the end deaf people may have to end up resorting to getting the DVD instead, and unless they have a monster display, watching it at home probably can’t compare to watching it in the cinema. The good news is that Sony UK is working on a pair of “subtitle glasses” that puts closed captions or subtitles onto the the lens of the glasses.

In the end it basically looks as if the subtitles have been super-imposed onto the movie itself, and according to Sony’s Tim Potter who was one of the people who worked on the glasses, it seems that the glasses are very effective and good news for deaf people in the UK as the glasses are expected to be made available in cinemas next year, and probably the rest of the world if it’s successful.

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