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Acer Iconia Tab A100 delayed as it misses launch dateline
Acer’s 7″ tablet that will run on the tablet-centric operating system from Google, Android 3.0 Honeycomb, has been delayed after missing its original April launch date, followed by a subsequent May release. It seems that the Acer Iconia Tab A100’s launch date has been pushed back even further – to the second half of the year, in fact. This will certainly go some way in deflating all the anticipation that […]

Motorola Droid Bionic will be delayed
The Motorola Android 4G LTE phone slated to arrive on Verizon Q2 this year was rumored to have been cancelled last week. The dual-core powerhouse phone that was unveiled at CES earlier this year has yet to make an appearance in store, with nary a word from Verizon or Motorola about its official release. Well, today that changed with Wall Street Journal reporting about the phone.A Motorola spokesperson said that […]

BlackBerry PlayBook delayed because of Flash?
Earlier today we reported that RIM’s upcoming tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook was delayed due to a majority of all touch displays being bought up by Apple for their iPad 2. Well now it seems that a new rumor has surfaced, this time pointing the finger at Adobe. Apparently the PlayBook has had problems running Flash well, and for a tablet that’s touted to be tightly integrated with Flash – it’s a […]

Samsung Galaxy S 2 won't be delayed
After yesterday’s rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S 2 being delayed due to a processor upgrade, it appears that Samsung has refuted such claims about a delay. While there was no official confirmation about the processor upgrade, Samsung has specifically tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy S 2 will be released in April as planned. And like its original rollout schedule, it will hit higher priority markets before others though we can […]


iPad 2 rumored to be the cause of the PlayBook's delay
It’s already April and we’re getting closer to the release date of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The QNX tablet which missed its Q1 deadline went up for for pre-order last month and was officially announced to have a release date of April 19. The reasons for the delay weren’t mentioned, but rumors have started surfacing recently, pointing fingers at Apple as the cause of delay. Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reported that […]

iPhone 5 to have LTE?
We’ve all heard rumors about the iPhone 5 not showing up at this year’s WWDC, but on a later date in fall instead. Now new speculations have risen from the woodwork saying that the next generation iPhone will be packing LTE radios instead. Now we all know that Apple hasn’t been quick to adopt technology until it is proven or has been mass adopted for instance, 3G, MMS and video […]

Xperia Play Delayed in UK Due to Software Bugs, U.S. Delay Coming?
Just when we thought Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play gaming smartphone was bobbing along smoothly, it hits a delay – in the UK that is. According to the official blog for wireless carrier O2, the Xperia Play will miss the April 1 launch day. The reason for the delay is to iron out software bugs to improve stability and performance. This isn’t good. As a peace offering, O2’s tossed up a […]

Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices to be delayed?
Despite the recent announcement of Nokia’s partnership with Nokia, the Finnish mobile giant isn’t going to be releasing any Windows Phone 7 devices anytime soon. The first Nokia phones running Microsoft’s operating system will have to wait ’til after October. According to some speculations online, Nokia will be waiting until the next version of WP7 (codenamed Mango/WP7.5) which is only going to be released in October. This means that we’ll […]

4G BlackBerry delayed?
There have been rumors afoot about RIM working on a 4G LTE BlackBerry for a couple of years now, and the device that was intended to be released this year has been pushed to the end of the year. Apparently RIM have had some trouble with the costs of the device. According to the rumors, the costs for the LTE chips have been too high for RIM, and that even […]

South Korean launch for Samsung Galaxy Tab delayed
Looks like those living in South Korea will have to wait slightly longer to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, as it looks set to miss the October 14th release date simply because Samsung intends to delay its release by including improved localized apps. There is still no word on pricing, but Samsung has already teamed up with SKT in that part of the world. Hopefully it won’t […]

HTC Desire HD And Desire Z Delayed Until Mid To End October
Bad news for folks who have been looking forward to the upcoming HTC Desire HD And Desire Z, as it’s been confirmed that the phones will be delayed at least until the mid to end of October as they failed a last minute Google Type Approval testing, which typically refers to the requirements for a product to meet a particular set of minimum standards. This failed test follows recent reports that […]

Android 2.1 Update For Sony Ericsson Xperia Devices Delayed Till Late October
The lack of Android 2.1 (at least) on Sony Ericsson’s line of Xperia phones has been a sore point to many folks, and now there is a little piece of bad news for Xperia owners. While it was previously promised that the Android 2.1 update for Xperia devices would begin to roll-out in late Q3, the timer is nearly up and Sony Ericsson has announced that it will need a […]

NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Driver Delayed
In what is going to be disappointing news for 3D fans out there, NVIDIA has confirmed that the drivers for its 3D Vision Surround stereoscopic graphics system won’t be available until the end of June, instead of the previously targeted April release date. The reason behind the delay is related to the version 256 drivers that allow the 3D output to work across multiple displays. When the driver is finally released, you’ll […]

Nokia N8 Could Be Delayed Till Mid-july
Word is going around that the Nokia N8 has been delayed. While there haven’t been any official details on the phone yet, rumor has it that thanks to the delay, we’ll have to wait until mid-July for a release. A tipster has said that O2 UK already has the N8 in its inventory system, but it won’t be arriving for a while. Specifications haven’t been release yet, but so far […]

Apple iPad International Launch Delayed
Given the successful launch of Apple’s iPad, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to hear that the fruity company is having trouble keeping up with demand, which is good news in a way. Aside from the existing Wi-Fi models, Apple is also trying to handle the large number of pre-orders for the 3G models, which should be reaching consumers in the U.S. by the end of the month. This […]

NVIDIA Tegra 2 Devices Not Delayed
Do you remember the rumor going around that NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices were going to be delayed due to some vague issues with the Tegra 2 chip? Fortunately it seems that it isn’t true, and the graphics giant has said the Tegra products are already being shipped to companies, who will release it when complete. Hopefully we’ll be able to look forward to see some announcements in the next few […]

MacBook Air update delayed
Word has it that an update to the MacBook Air may see a delay by several weeks because of delays in the ultra-low voltage Core i5 from Intel. Apparently, Intel is whispered to push back the 1.06GHz i5-520UM versus its full-power counterparts, which would mean Apple is forced to not update their ultra-slim notebook at the same time as the MacBook Pro, or prolong the shipping date. We’re pretty sure […]

Rumor: Windows Mobile 7 Delayed till 2011?
This is still firmly in the “rumor” bin. Sources have indicated that reps from Microsoft, HTC, Nvidia, Qualcomm, Lenovo, Texas Instruments, and even Nokia have said that Windows Mobile 7’s release has been postponed to 2011. It’s weird to see “Nokia” in the list, but maybe it’s due to it being a rumor. Apparently due to this delay, some “dedicated Windows Mobile 7” phones and smartbooks are being shifted to […]

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 Delayed
If you’re wondering why Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X2 isn’t in stores during this festive season, it’s because it has (unfortunately) been delayed. Rumor has been going around that the phone would be delayed until January, and now it seems like that has become a reality. Apparently Sony Ericsson is having some trouble integrating it with some of the network specific apps, and they’re currently busy working on a fix for […]