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Dell Streak 5 reaches end of the road
Dell has stopped selling their Streak 5 tablet/smartphone hybrid – I guess it was a little bit too large to be used as a smartphone on a comfortable basis, while it remained too small to offer a decent tablet experience. The Streak 5 was actually launched in 2010 as Dell’s first Android-powered device, sporting a generous 5″ touchscreen display at 800 x 480 resolution with the ability to make and […]

Dell Streak 7 runs on Honeycomb unofficially
So you own a Dell Streak 7 and have more or less done just about anything and everything you ever wanted on it, save for taking the unofficial route where the operating system is concerned. Fret not – you can now explore the naughtier and cheekier side of you with news of an unofficial Android Honeycomb build for the Streak 7 being released.Aptly called the HoneyStreak HD7, this is made […]

Dell Streak hacked successfully, runs on Android 3.1 Honeycomb
Hats off to DJ_Steve from the XDA developers forum who has managed to successfully make Android 3.1 Honeycomb run on the Dell Streak – this is no mean task, considering the operating system was optimized for tablet use, making it a quantum leap of sorts from the Streak’s standard Android 2.2 Froyo operating system. Needless to say, the hack isn’t perfect – but it works. There are still a fair […]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb ported to the Dell Streak
Dell’s Streak is often referred to as a tablet instead of a phone, due to the large display. With that in mind, some folks decided that it would be good to give the device a tablet-friendly operating system and ported Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb to the 5-inch device. Since it’s an unofficial build, it shouldn’t be too surprising to hear that it’s still at an early stage and you won’t […]


Dell Streak 7 comes with hidden but non-working phone features?
There was always the nagging suspicion that tablet devices could come with built-in phone technology, although to talk on something so large is definitely socially awkward. Well, the Dell Streak 7 being an Android 2.2-powered tablet with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, is actually a large smartphone device that can hook up via 3G and make phone calls, although there is no official support for phone functionality since it is […]

Dell Streak 10 shown at CES
[CES 2010] During its CES Press conference, Dell has announced the development of a 10” Tablet, the Dell Streak 10. At the moment, it is a “lab” product, but Dell has a history of bringing products out of the lab once they have been shown in public. The Adamo was once a concept and made it as a product fairly rapidly. Dell didn’t provide much details about the Streak 10, […]

Dell Streak 7 Hands-On
[CES 2011] T-Mobile and Dell have announced the Streak 7, a larger Android Tablet based on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 system on a chip. We got our hands on the tablet, and we can tell you that the extra 2-inch do make a big difference in terms of perceived size (in a good way). As a percentage of size growth, 2″ out of 5″ is significant. The tablet has a clean […]

Dell Streak pricing drops in the US
If you’ve been looking out for the Dell Streak for some time already, then you will be pleased as punch to have refrained yourself from making a purchase simply because Dell has just dropped the pricing for its Streak device in the US – presumably to drive sales figures up. The unlocked models are now cheaper by $180, touching a new low of $400, while Android-powered models from AT&T will […]

Best Buy offers $99.99 Dell Streak
If you’re looking for a rather large sized smartphone (assuming you have huge pockets), then the Dell Streak might be your cup of tea. Best Buy is offering the Dell Streak for $99.99, where it will be accompanied by a 2-year service contract from AT&T to boot. Of course, current owners might not be too pleased that the Android 2.2 Froyo update isn’t available to date until January 2011, but […]

Dell Streak Available In Cherry Red And Unlocked Streaks Available With Froyo
It was previously mentioned that the future Dell Streaks will ship with Android 2.2 Froyo from the get go and it was recently mentioned that the giant phone will be available in white from Best Buy. Dell has announced, via a blog post, that the device is now available unlocked and contract-free directly from its site. Aside from that, the phone is available in new colors that are Pure White […]

Dell's Upcoming Tablet Ambitions Unveiled
Dell has unveiled some of its tablet roadmaps ahead of announcing specific devices. The first of which occurred when Michael Dell had shown off a 7-inch tablet on stage at a conference. Since then, Dell Greater China President Amit Midha has sat down with the Wall Street Journal to talk more about the computer maker’s tablet plans moving forward, including Windows tablets, Android tablets, and the possibility of a tablet […]

MeeGo Gets Hacked to Work on Existing Android Hardware
If you’ve been a patient little grasshopper waiting for MeeGo to get released on official hardware from Nokia and others in a smartphone, tablet, infotainment system, or any other gadget that Nokia and Intel can stuff MeeGo into, it turns out you can get MeeGo working right now. For those who have decided to temporarily settle for an Android handset while MeeGo is getting developed, you can get MeeGo hacked […]

Doctors To Use Dell Streak Tablets To Assist Them
Dell has confirmed that it plans to integrate its new Streak tablet with its established healthcare software, making it easier for doctors to access patient information and electronic medical records as they go about their work. Dell had previously spent a juicy $3.9 billion to purchase technology services provider Perot Systems, which already had a strong base with healthcare customers and serves most of the hospitals and hospital systems in […]

Dell will open source Streak code
Dell has promised to open source its Streak code, where Dell’s official blogger Lionel Menchaca stressed that the Texas-based company will adapt to “all applicable requirements” in due time. This would fit in perfectly with the GNU Public License (GPL) of Android 1.6 that sees action in the Dell Streak, considering it is based on a Linux kernel and by law requires it to be open-source. There is no deadline […]