Dell's Upcoming Tablet Ambitions Unveiled

Dell has unveiled some of its tablet roadmaps ahead of announcing specific devices. The first of which occurred when Michael Dell had shown off a 7-inch tablet on stage at a conference. Since then, Dell Greater China President Amit Midha has sat down with the Wall Street Journal to talk more about the computer maker’s tablet plans moving forward, including Windows tablets, Android tablets, and the possibility of a tablet running the Google Chrome operating system.

In addition to the 7-inch prototype that was demoed on stage and the already released 5-inch Dell Streak, which is considered as a tablet but has smartphone capabilities with Android’s OS, Midha says that the company plans on releasing a variety of tablets in the next 6-12 months, including 3-, 4-, and 10-, inch varieties. Midha says that the 7-inch version will run on Android, but that some products may use Microsoft’s operating system. It’s unclear if the Microsoft OS will be Windows 7 as the company also has plans on releasing smartphones running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS. The Streak branding could be used for other tablets besides the already launched 5-inch model.

Additionally, a Chrome-based tablet is not out of the question at this time.

Dell’s tablets plans seem to be starting slow–it’s Streak tablet is just launching–but the company has aggressive plans. It will bring the 5-inch tablet to China as a partnership with China Mobile is in the works.

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