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DEMO Spring 2012: New tech innovations take the stage
DEMO Spring 2012 conference returns to the Hyatt Regency Silicon Valley, April 17-19 and features new technology launches ranging from concept to market-ready. Come to DEMO and See it Live!Register now for DEMO Spring 2012 and get 25% off the published registration rate. Limited time offer – so register now.What is DEMO? DEMO is the launchpad for emerging technology and trends. A hand-selected group of new products are introduced to […]

Kinect Sports: Season Two demo now available
Remember all the attention that was focused on Wii Sports when it first rolled out? Well, the game was rather fun when you played it in a party setting, but once everyone else has gone home and the tap has been turned off, Wii Sports was rather boring. Hopefully Microsoft’s Kinect Sports: Season Two will be very different – at least you can enjoy a free demo of it before […]

GameSpot on-demand, instant-play game demos powered by OnLive
GameSpothas just announced today the launch of its new on-demand, instant-play game demos service. Kicking off today, users will be able to start playing video game demos on their PCs just by following a link from the GameSpot review page of the game. The demos will be powered by the popular cloud streaming video game service, OnLive, that has been providing gamers with access to full games over a computer […]

DEMO - The solid choice for non-stop innovation
DEMO Fall 2011, Sept. 12-14 in Silicon Valley is the place to see more untapped innovators, from concept to readers, register now and take 25% off the registration rate, for the launch event designed for serious investors seeking credible startups.New this year, DEMO will bring bootstrapped startups to the launch stage, including angel-funded companies, women entrepreneurs, college students and innovators serving the 50-plus market. They’re game-changing enough to qualify […]


Huawei Vision shown off in 360 demo and video
The Huawei Vision, an upcoming high-end Android device, was just announced last week and while we were given detailed description of the phone’s specs, we only had a couple of press shots to look. A phone’s appearance is just as important as its specs for some people – I mean, who wants to spend money on a good device if it doesn’t look great at the same time? So for […]

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demo upgraded to Starter Edition
If you’ve checked out the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty demo but feel that there isn’t enough content for you to get a good feel of the game, Blizzard has some good news for you. The company has just announced that they’ve upgraded the StarCraft II demo and rebranded it as the StarCraft II: Starter Edition. More than just a name change, the StarCraft II: Starter Edition gives additional content […]

iOS 5 AssistiveTouch gestures could replace hardware buttons
It looks like Apple could be taking steps towards a physical button-less future for its iOS devices. The folks at 9to5Mac recently discovered in the latest beta of iOS 5 (beta 3) an upgraded version of AssistiveTouch. This accessibility feature designed for people who have trouble accessing the iOS device’s hardware buttons, using multi-fingered gestures or even rotating the device lets users perform a lot of different moves through an […]

Duke Nukem Forever demo now available to everyone
Although it’s been a few weeks since Duke Nukem Forever has been released, 2K games has finally announced that the demo to the game is now available to the public. Previously only available to First Access members, the demo can now be downloaded by anyone with an internet connection. The game hasn’t exactly had very favorable reviews, so a move like this could help change the minds of consumers who […]

NVIDIA Quad-Core Tegra Gets a Glowing DEMO (+Video)
NVIDIA GlowBall - NVIDIA is demonstrating its quad-core Tegra chip named Kal-El (a reference to Superman) with the Glowball demo. To most users, the tech demo shows, well, a glowing ball that rolls around

Halo: Reach demo now on Marketplace
They say that there is no such thing as a free lunch in this world, but when it comes to free downloads, hell yeah! The Halo: Reach demo is now made available to the masses in the form of a free download, but you will need to check its availability in your Xbox LIVE region before you give it a go. Basically, Halo: Reach is the biggest and most ambitious […]

Sony NGP prowess shown off in tech demo
We know that the Sony NGP (Next Generation Portable) is extremely suitable for Massive Multiplayer Online titles, and when you check out its video prowess as well as what it is capable of visually, then chances are you will need to pick up your jaw from the floor afterwards. Whispers abound that the NGP will be nearly on par with the PS3 in terms of power, but we do have […]

Kinect used to create impressive physics demo
If there’s one thing the Kinect is good for – it’s to create impressive videos of humans interacting with digital objects. The folks over at IDEO Labs recently got their hands on a Kinect and coded up an impressive demo in a short span of 2-3 hours to show what the Kinect is capable of. Looking more like some arthouse/indie/experimental animation, they outlined the visible shape of the person in […]

Nintendo Not Keen on Game Demos, Scrapping Them on 3DS?
Out of all three big players in the video game scene, Nintendo is the one with the biggest peeve when it comes to offering free game demos. Nintendo just doesn’t like giving away anything for free – not even if the trial is just a bunch of digital zeros and ones. Sadly, gamers love game demos. They love being able to try before they buy. Just take a look at […]

Swivel: Virtual Dressing Room
[DEMO Spring 2011] Swivel is an augmented reality app that uses either a regular webcam or Kinect to allow people to try on clothes virtually. Another company unveiled a similar solution at DEMO: Webcam Social Shopper by Zugara. Since Kinect launched a few months ago, I was envisioning this kind of product that can help boost sales in fashion e-commerce. Swivel is fun to use although the graphic result is […]