Out of all three big players in the video game scene, Nintendo is the one with the biggest peeve when it comes to offering free game demos. Nintendo just doesn’t like giving away anything for free – not even if the trial is just a bunch of digital zeros and ones. Sadly, gamers love game demos. They love being able to try before they buy. Just take a look at Apple’s App Store. Nearly every game has a “lite” version to gauge interest – and it works. Often times, trying out the lite version will lead to customers buying the full game. The DS offers temporary downloadable game demos that delete when the system is turned off and the Wii has a few demos for WiiWare games, but no real demos for full retail games. Will the Nintendo 3DS also offer game demos? Once again, 3DS producer, Hideki Konno speaks his mind to let everyone know that he’s unsure on how effective game demos are. With all demos, there is a possibility that players will try a game and then not buy it, but at least they had a chance to judge it from actual gameplay and not from the game’s boxart or a bunch of screenshots. Not including game demos for 3DS games would be a mistake, especially since no one knows for sure how well the 3D effects will be in any particular game. In our opinion, because the 3D effects in 3DS games can’t be shown in regular video, offering demos is the only real way to grab show off a title.

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