Remember all the attention that was focused on Wii Sports when it first rolled out? Well, the game was rather fun when you played it in a party setting, but once everyone else has gone home and the tap has been turned off, Wii Sports was rather boring. Hopefully Microsoft’s Kinect Sports: Season Two will be very different – at least you can enjoy a free demo of it before deciding whether you are going to part with your hard earned money for it when the title arrives.

You will be able to harness the power of in-game voice commands and enhanced motion tracking with Kinect Sports: Season Two, and in order to introduce a different kind of family time together, this title will introduce Challenge Play. I suppose you might want to make sure the area where you play this is clear from clutter, and the floor won’t be too slippery with all the beads of sweat dripping just about anywhere and everywhere.

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