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Sound Illuminating Dress
Sometimes, we describe fashion as being “loud” or “soft”, depending on the type of design applied and colors used. Well, the Sound Illuminating Dress is going to literally take the buzz around it into account, where an electroluminescent wire is integrated into the seam which is made from a light, white color – wrapping it in an irregular shape around the front. Whenever there is ambient sound around, the light […]

Eat while listening to tunes on the Acoustable
If you’ve always enjoyed music while having your food but can’t because the stereo is too far away from the dining table, you could a) move the stereo closer to the dining table or b) invest in an Acoustable from Wolfgang Bregentzer and Jerome Spriet. The Acoustable is an interesting table that is hollowed out and stuffed with a sound system to turn it into a large 360 degree speaker […]

CK Joins the 3D Camp with Designer 3D Glasses/Sunglasses
First Oakley, then Gucci, and now CK will be joining the 3D fray with the rise of 3D televisions inside home theaters and living rooms with its own branded designer shades. Calvin Klein is said to be offering three different styles of 3D glasses each for men and women, all of which will be RealD certified. The glasses can serve as 3D for indoors use or as regular sunglasses with […]

Hydrochromic and Photochromic technology sees action on catwalk
Amy Winters is a British/Swiss artist graduate from Central Saint Martin’s in 2006, picking upa BA in Theater Design along the way. Well, her first ready-to wear collection hit the runway this September during the London Fashion Week, featuring a capsule collection of wearable printed garments that get this – will be able to change color in reaction to sunlight and water. Thanks to both Hydrochromic and Photochromic technology, Amy’s […]


LED Table Will Set You Back A Pretty Penny
Not sure what to do with that huge wad of cash lying in your bedroom? You could always splurge it on this Ingo Maurer inspired LED table, and considering that it costs a good $23,175, it should do a fairly good job of reducing your pile of cash. The table sports a laminated safety glass on the top, not to mention 278 white LEDs which can emit light both ways. […]