Sometimes, we describe fashion as being “loud” or “soft”, depending on the type of design applied and colors used. Well, the Sound Illuminating Dress is going to literally take the buzz around it into account, where an electroluminescent wire is integrated into the seam which is made from a light, white color – wrapping it in an irregular shape around the front. Whenever there is ambient sound around, the light up effect will be activated – thanks to the built-in microphone. Designer Chung-Hay Luk decided to take the more sophisticated approach and ditch a flashing pattern, but settling for a more subtle, sophisticated, pulsating light intensity that will change in accordance to the rhythm of the music.


Guess wearing this at a night club this Saturday night would make you the envy of others, never mind that this has no Armani or Gucci label attached to it. The only downside to this? It totally does not seem to be environmentally friendly at all – will you be able to recycle the whole dress once you get bored of it?

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