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HTC Unveils The Desire 830
HTC today unveiled another Desire-branded handset. It was only a few weeks ago that leaks related to this handset started appearing online and the company has now officially unveiled this device. The HTC Desire 830 was shown off today in Taiwan, it takes the baton from the Desire 820, and while it has a similar build and specifications it does bring some improvements to the power package.

HTC Desire 820 Gets Another Model?
The HTC Desire 820, a smartphone that was announced just two months back, has had its fair share of rumors in the weeks preceding its impending release. Having said that, the HTC Desire 820 is also the first Android smartphone from HTC that comes with a 64-bit processor running, which would be the Snapdragon 615. Well, it seems that there is yet another HTC Desire 820 model that is in […]

HTC Could Work On Desire 820x
HTC has rolled out their mid-range device known as the HTC Desire 820 not too long ago, where that particular smartphone also held the distinction of being the first Android-powered smartphone that will run on a 64-bit processor, otherwise known as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. Basically, the Snapdragon 615 is meant to be some sort of powerful processor that does not burn a hole in your bank account, and […]

HTC Desire 820 64-bit Android Smartphone Makes Its Debut
We have been hearing rumors and seeing teases that HTC could be announcing another 64-bit smartphone in the form of the HTC Desire 820, and sure enough HTC did exactly just that. The Taiwanese company has recently taken the official wraps off the HTC Desire 820 and we have to admit that the phone looks pretty good!Unlike HTC’s other 64-bit handset, the HTC Desire 510, the Desire 820 will run […]


HTC Desire 820 Specifications Leaked (Rumor)
Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC looks all set to make an announcement over at IFA 2014 in Berlin, Germany, for their upcoming 64-bit-capable smartphone, which has been given the nickname Desire 820 by many quarters. Of course, with an impending announcement next week, it goes without saying that there will be plenty of rumors and speculation going about concerning the device, and the latest one would hail from@upleaks that touted how […]

HTC Desire 820 “Confirmed”
All smartphones would need on a really catchy name in order for it to make advancements in the market, despite having the best hardware specifications that are in the market at the moment. The thing is, getting the right name can prove to be rather tricky, and HTC continues to tease us with the “820” moniker as you can tell by the infographic-of-sorts on the right hand side. It points […]