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Windows Phone 7 developer cheat sheet released
If you’re a developer that’s wondering why your app hasn’t been approved by Microsoft for sale on the Windows Marketplace, or you think it’s not doing too well, there could be a reason why. Despite the amazing functions that can be done with the app, nobody is going to enjoy using it if it doesn’t look good. Design and aesthetics plays a huge role in everything we do nowadays, so […]

PlayStation Network back online for developers?
While consumers are slowly dying from not being able to log on to the PlayStation Network to get their daily fix of online gaming, Sony has been reluctant to give a fixed date, only mentioning that they aim to get everything up and running by the end of the month. But it looks like hope is on its way. It has been reported that a quality assurance tester at a […]

Developer interest in Android waning?
Is developer interest for the Android operating system going downhill? Well, the folks over at IDC and Appcelerator seem to think so. They recently ran a survey in which 2,760 Appcelerator Titanium developers responded, and for Q1 of 2011, developer interest in Android phones had dropped 2% to 85% while developer interest in Android tablets fell 3% to 71%. Apparently developers aren’t too keen on hopping onto the tablet bandwagon.

Samsung Taylor won't get Windows Phone 7 NoDo update
Bad news for folks rocking the prototype Windows Phone 7 developer phone better known as the Samsung Taylor – according to reports online, Microsoft has announced that it has no intention to bring NoDo or any future updates for their WP7 operating system to those devices. The prototypes were given out for free last year to many developers to get a feel for the device and to start writing apps […]


Amazon asks iOS developers to bring apps over to Kindle
It looks like Amazon really wants to get in on the whole app business. After launching their own Android app store, the online mega-store has been reported to have sent invitations to third party developers to port their apps over to Kindle. The creators of the Kindle are apparently looking for educational apps to boost the app collection of their own eBook reader. While it sounds like a good idea, […]

BlackBerry Social Platform goes public
RIM has officially announced the public beta release of the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) Social Platform. BB developers can now make use of the massive BBM user base (28 million+ users) for their upcoming apps and projects. The BBM Social Platform will give the developer community access to APIs that will allow them to create apps that feature BBM chatting, file transferring, app sharing, and more. After rumors about the BlackBerry […]

Twitters say no to new Twitter clients
In a recent announcement from Twitter’s Product Manager, Ryan Sarver, the micro-blogging company has stated that there are enough unofficial Twitter clients available and that developers don’t need to bring anymore new ones into the market. Reasons for this new change in mindset is due to the fact that third-party clients are often confusing for new users, and might not provide the complete Twitter experience that they want everybody to […]

Adobe Wallaby: Flash-to-HTML 5 converter
The company has just released Wallaby, an experimental Flash-to-HTML 5 converter. The tool allows users to easily convert their Flash files into HTML 5 – all they have to do is drag and drop the .fla files into the tool and that’s it. Adobe is looking for feedback from developers and designers to see how the HTML 5 code turns out. A smart move for Adobe, since Flash content developers […]

Facebook retracts phone and address sharing permissions
Remember when we reported that Facebook was going to let apps have access to your personal contact information? Well it appears that the developers at Facebook are now second guessing their decision and have put the feature on hold. Complaining on the internet works after all! Facebook claimed that they needed to find a more robust way to ensure users know what information they are passing up when they enable […]

Qualcomm looking for iPhone Developer Guru
Qualcomm is currently sending feelers out for an iPhone Developer Guru in a hush-hush project, where the job listing targets those who know the iPhone inside out and want to take on the challenge of developing what is touted to be the “most challenging product of your life!”. While no further information on what exactly the job scope entails, we do know that having experience with wide ranging skills including […]

Windows Phone 7 SDK and tools available, for free
Microsoft is making a remarkable re-entry into the mobile application development at Mix. Starting right now, development tools for Windows Phone 7 are available, for free, at To get an idea of what the tools do, I would recommend you to look at the keynote that was broadcasted at, but the basic idea is that Windows Phone 7 development looks sweet. Web-based applications seem fairly easy to build, […]

Intel Starts Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund
Intel just announced that it has created the Atom Developer Million Dollar Development Fund whose goal is to accelerate the rate of innovation on its Atom platforms. This is another tool that the Intel Atom Developer Program can use to entice developers to create and submit applications. At the moment, here’s how developer can get cash from the fund – in Intel’s own words: Fast Track 2010: Developers want quick […]