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Mystery Samsung Model Leak Turns Out To Be Galaxy S4 Developer Prototype
@Evleaks has been known to leak a number of devices in the past, which turn out to be completely true. But in this week’s case where they “leaked” a mystery Samsung smartphone, it turns out to be a false leak, according to SamMobile.The image @Evleaks leaked was assumed to be a new Samsung product that might point to a new design for an upcoming Samsung device, but it turns out […]

HTC One Developer Edition Arrives This April 19th
The HTC One Developer Edition was announced last month, but there was no mention back then as to when this particular variant of the Taiwanese company’s flagship smartphone would be launched. Well, here is some good news for those who have been keeping a keen eye out for it – it seems that the HTC One Developer Edition would be shipping from April 19th, which happens to be the same […]

Nokia has Given 17,000 Windows Phones to Developers
In an interview with the folks over at FierceDeveloper (via WMPoweruser), Nokia’s Senior Vice President of Developer Experience and Marketplace Macro Agrenti discussed how the company has been going about its Windows Phone developer initiatives. Agrenti revealed that the Finnish company has already given away 17,000 Nokia Lumia handsets out of a promised of 25,000 to developers in the hope of a faster growing app ecosystem for the Windows Phone […]

Developer creates proxy server for Siri with custom handlers
So some developers over at Applidium have managed to get under the hood of Siri and found out how it works. It was through this discovery that led them to think that there is a possibility of porting Siri over to other iOS devices, and even possibly non-iOS devices such as Android. One developer by the name of plamoni has decided to go ahead and create a “Siri Proxy” project.


Apple Siri Request Sent From Non-iPhone 4S devices
An developer has reverse-engineered how the iPhone 4S talks to the Siri servers, and has successfully sent requests from a non-iPhone device. In case you don’t know, Siri works by using a three-steps methods: 1/voice recording (on the phone) 2/voice recognition (on a server) 3/ taking action (on the phone).Because the smartness is on a web server, requests could be sent from any web-enabled device. Of course, we’ve known all […]

Pioneer Launches ZYPR Mobile API and Revenue Sharing Model
Pioneer has just announced that it has launched its voice-powered ZYPR API for mobile and embedded applications like smartphone, tablets and automotive entertainment systems. The idea behind ZYPR is quite simple: there are dozens or hundreds of web services today, and each of them provide their own set of application programming interfaces (APIs) to access data. ZYPR is designed to unify all of them into a single API.

Siri ported to all iOS 5 devices and connected to Apple's servers?
Siri is what sets the iPhone 4S apart from the iPhone 4, and it appears that there are some who are wondering why Siri wouldn’t be able to work on the iPhone 4 or the iPad 2. A week ago we reported that porting Siri over to the iPhone 4 would be equivalent of piracy, but that has not stopped iOS developers from attempting to port it over anyway. The […]

Google prepares developers for Ice Cream Sandwich, launch imminent?
While we still have no official word on when Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is going to launch, it looks like it might be arriving in the near future. Google has already started preparing its developers with details about how they should handle their app sizes in Ice Cream Sandwich. Because Ice Cream Sandwich is designed to unite the smartphone and tablet experience for Android, developers will have to use […]

NVIDIA Developer Program for Windows 8
NVIDIA Developer Program - NVIDIA has announced that it is starting its Windows 8 Developer Program which will include (free?) Windows 8 developer tools for ARM and Intel X86 architectures

Viadeo Opens Public API and Launches Developer Contest
Viadeo is a business social network similar to LinkedIn and very popular outside the USA, the service  is number one in China and number two in India, with a global user-base of over 35 million members. Since the re-design of its brand and website, Viadeo growth rate has soared: one million new members are joining each month.Today, Viadeo launched its public API in the US, providing a Viadeo Connect button […]

Diffbot API uses visual learning to parse web content
Diffbot making its visual learning application programming interface (API) available to developers who want to create apps that need to understand the structure of web pages in an efficient way. Traditionally, developers who wanted to understand a web page would start by looking at its code. From there, many algorithms can be used to extract information like an article content, an author name etc… However, because each page’s HTML code […]

Nokia Developer forum hacked
Another day another hack, and this time it’s the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer: Nokia, on the receiving end.  A hacker who goes by the name of mrNRG recently broke into the Nokia Developer forum, and defaced it by redirecting anyone who visited it to another page with the following message:LOL, Worlds number 1 mobile company but not spending a dime for a server security! FFS patch your security holes […]

First grader is youngest iPhone app developer
What do most first graders do during their spare time? Some of us might think that they indulge in a little bit of video games here and there, sandwiched by plenty of homework in between. Well, Connor Zamary is a 7-year old who is decidedly different from the rest of his peers, where this first grader could very well hold the post of being the youngest ever iPhone app developer. […]

HTC Mazaa given away to developers
The HTC Mazaa was originally leaked earlier this year, and it looks like it has resurfaced again, this time as a Windows Phone 7.5 device that’s on Sprint’s network. The phone was given away by Microsoft as part of the recent WPAppItUp competition for app developers. Seeing how it’s been given away to developers, it looks like it won’t be sold commercially but that’s not a problem since it’s not […]

Kinect for Windows SDK Beta Updated
Developers who want to build Kinect applications under Windows can now download the latest Kinect for Windows SDK (Beta) from Microsoft. The update gives developers access to a new set of data that includes raw sensor data, which open the door to innovation at a very fundamental level, as developers could bypass/replace some of the Kinect logic provided by Microsoft.Microsoft has also added APIs to query data/results from Kinect’s natural […]

New HP webOS developer document hints at the Pre 3's arrival
Summer’s already here and there’s still no sign of HP’s long-awaited new webOS 3 phone: the Pre 3. There have been rumors about the phone missing its launch window, but HP’s recently issued document to its developers drop clues that the phone might reach us on time after all.

iOS 5 has face detection API for developers
If you thought the selection of apps available on iOS devices now was impressive, wait ’til you hear about what iOS 5 will bring to the table. According to reports online – iOS 5 is going to include face detection technology, and the best part is that Apple will be opening up facial recognition as a public developer API for iOS 5 apps. This means that Apple will be leaving […]

Panasonic launches VIERA Connect developer portal
Folks interested in creating apps for Panasonic VIERA smart TVs will be pleased to hear the good news. Panasonic has just announced the launch of the VIERA Connect Developers – a public web portal that encourages IPTV app developers to write apps for its VIERA Connect cloud-based TV service. In case you’re unfamiliar with VIERA Connect, it is a cloud-based TV service where apps are stored online and accessible through […]

Seesmic abandons support for the BlackBerry operating system
Poor RIM. After reporting financial losses and poor sales for its recent quarterly report, product delays, upset shareholders and consumers; the company hasn’t exactly been having a ball of a time lately. Now, it looks like even developers are beginning to turn their backs on RIM’s BlackBerry operating system. Seesmic, one of the most popular third party Twitter client developers has officially announced that it will no longer be supporting […]

Microsoft to limit number of Windows Phone 7 app approvals daily per developer
In an effort to make the “new apps” section of its Windows Phone 7 Marketplace more relevant, Microsoft has announced a new policy where developers can only have a max of twenty apps approved a day. So while a developer can submit more than twenty apps for Marketplace approval daily, only twenty of them will make it into the shop at the same time. The remainder will have to wait, […]