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Google’s AI Clips Camera Has Been Discontinued
A couple of years ago, Google launched Clips. For those who are unfamiliar, Clips is a digital camera that relies on AI to help users capture the “best” moments. Basically, it involved users leaving the camera somewhere and hope that its AI is smart enough to capture pivotal moments, like during a birthday, a family gathering, and so on.

Fujifilm X-E2 Interchangeable Lens Camera Announced
Is it me, or do all of the camera manufacturers band together and collaborate as to when they would roll out a particular model to the masses? This is exactly that seems to be happening, as the folks over at Fujitsu have announced the launch of the new and stylish Fujifilm X-E2, which is a premium interchangeable lens camera that will feature the latest APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor alongside […]

Fujifilm FinePix JZ700 Digital Camera
It was not too long ago when we saw new digital camera releases from Japanese manufacturer Fujifilm, and this time around, we come face to face with the Fujifilm FinePix JZ700 digital camera which will be the latest addition to their JZ long zoom compact camera range. The FinePix JZ700 has been touted to be the ideal all-round-stylish camera, targeting those who look forward to fast response times. For starters, […]

Casio EX-ZS30 Shooter Announced
Here is a compact digital camera for those of you whose loyalties remain with the Casio brand name – the 20.1-megapixel Casio EX-ZS30. You will not find professional photographers as well as serious shutterbugs looking this way though, as the Casio EX-ZS30 is a textbook case for an entry-level compact digital camera, sporting an array of buttons that make it a snap to shoot, view and delete your images. Housed […]


Olympus Stylus TG-830 Tough Digital Camera
Since Olympus’ tough and rugged digital cameras have picked up their fair share of accolades in the past, it would make plenty of sense to focus on the next generation of shooters that have hopefully been built like a tank, capable of handling far more abuse than your average consumer class digital camera. The Olympus Stylus TG-830 Tough is one of them, where it will miss the Valentine’s Day deadline […]

Olympus Stylus TG-2 Tough Digital Camera
It is me, or have all the digital camera manufacturers banded together to make an announcement of their new shooters on the same day? I guess this would certainly be a gentleman’s agreement, as “may the best digital camera win” idea would work only when everyone rolls out their devices on the same day itself. Olympus has had a long history with tough digital cameras, and they continue in this […]

Canon PowerShot A2500 Digital Camera
Canon’s range of digital cameras for beginners often carry the “PowerShot” moniker, and the same applies to the latest Canon PowerShot A2500 shooter. This particular entry level digital camera will include a 16-megapixel image sensor and DIGIC 4 Image Processor, in addition to a 28mm wide-angle lens with 5x optical zoom which can be extended to 140mm at the telephoto end. In order to make sure that even beginners are […]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 IS Digital Camera
Another year, another renewal of digital camera offerings from the major players in the market. Well, here is the second of three digital cameras from Canon that we will cover for the day – the extremely pocket-friendly (in terms of size, and I am sure cost as well as we will look at that later on) Canon PowerShot ELPH 115 IS Digital Camera. This puppy will come with an 8x […]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS Digital Camera
Nikon is not the only one who has just released their fair share of digital cameras today, as the folks over at Canon do have their fair share of devices to trumpet to the world. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 330 HS digital camera offers advanced wireless connectivity so that sharing becomes easier than ever before, and it is touted to deliver great performance even in dimly lit situations. Thanks to […]

Nikon Coolpix AW110/AW110s Are Hardy Shooters
I love the way consumer electronics manufacturers are able to churn out devices that are far hardier than ever before, and yet will be able to retain a certain sense of styling that does not give the game away at all. Case in point, the latest outdoor camera from Nikon, the Nikon Coolpix AW110/AW110s that were specially built for strength and durability, sporting waterproofing to a depth of 18 meters […]

Olympus Stylus SH-50 iHS Point-And-Shoot Camera Announced With 5-Axis Video Stabilization
[CES 2013] When it comes to point-and-shoot cameras, the name already implies that these are probably the most basic cameras and will be good enough to get the job done, just don’t expect to be able to have full control over the camera that you would with a DSLR, or maybe a more prosumer camera.That being said, Olympus could be looking to destroy that notion by announcing the Stylus SH-50, […]

Olympus Unveils Flagship Rugged Camera STYLUS TOUGH TG-2 iHS
[CES 2013] At CES 2013, Olympus unveiled its new TOUGH series lineup, with the STYLUS TOUGH TG-2 iHS as its new flagship. Just like its famous predecessor launched in May 2012, the Olympus TOUGH TG1-iHS a.k.a. “the world’s first high speed bright lens Tough camera”, it features a fast f2.0-f4.9. 25-100 mm (equivalent)  lens, a 3.0” high definition 610K OLED display and the iHS technology that combines a 12 MP […]

Olympus STYLUS SZ-15 Camera Unveiled
[CES 2013] If you fancy yourself as an enthusiast photographer of sorts and regular compacts are no longer able to accomplish what you want, Olympus has recently announced the STYLUS SZ-15 which based on its specs, should be able to help photographers capture better quality images at slightly faster speeds compared to regular compacts or point-and-shoots. The STYLUS SZ-15 will sport a 16MP CCD  sensor and 24x optical zoom for […]

Olympus STYLUS SZ-16 iHS Unveiled With 24x Long Zoom and 16MP CMOS Sensor
[CES 2013] Just in case the Olympus SZ-15 wasn’t good enough to meet your photography demands, then perhaps it slightly higher-end sibling the STYLUS SZ-16 iHS might be of interest to you. The STYLUS SZ-16 iHS camera will sport a 16MP CMOS image sensor along with a slightly faster processor to match in the form of the TruePic VI Image Processor. It also features a CMOS sensor which is an […]

Samsung Galaxy Camera Review
For the past few years we have been waiting for a functional Android camera, something that we deem to be “unavoidable”, so we were very glad to see Samsung launch its Galaxy Camera at IFA in Berlin in September. One of the previous attempt was released by Polaroid at CES 2012, however the design was far from being good enough, and much needed to be improved (design, performance, optics, Android […]

Samsung EX2F announced, offers pro-level performance at a pocket-friendly price
In these economically challenging times, we are forced to be more creative with the way we spend our money – getting the most bang for our hard-earned buck is always on the top of most people’s agendas. I guess this is why reviews on consumer electronics goods are so important, especially when they come from an unbiased and honest source so that the general masses know what one can expect. […]

Samsung MV900F camera now available for purchase
It was somewhere in the middle of July when we first took a gander at the Samsung MV900F camera, and we are glad to say that this particular shooter is now ready to rock and roll commercially. The MV900F is the latest Wi-Fi SMART camera shooters from Samsung, where it will continue where the MV800 left off by offering an innovative 180-degree MultiView display that makes it a snap to […]

Canon PowerShot SX160 IS unveiled
So there is the Canon PowerShort SX500 IS that you read about just before, how about another digital camera that is even more basic for the uninitiated? I am referring to the PowerShot SX160 IS, where it comes in a compact package, not to mention a powerful 16x optical zoom that makes it one versatile shooter, thanks to its dynamic optical zoom range from 28mm wide up to 448mm. It […]

Canon PowerShot SX500 IS announced
We read about how Canon arrived at the 80 million EF lenses being produced to date earlier this morning, so here we are with a simple entry level shooter that beginners might want to consider – the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS. The PowerShot SX500 IS will come with a 24mm wide angle lens alongside an incredible 30x optical zoom (up to 720mm) which has been crammed into a compact design, […]

Olympus SZ-31MR iHS camera announced
If you are in the market for a prosumer class of digital cameras, then you might be glad that Olympus just announced their SZ-31MR iHS camera which is said to deliver plenty of performance and power into a single, compact and lightweight body. This is made possible courtesy of new enhancements introduced to the popular Long Zoom range. The Olympus SZ-31MR iHS will come with the game changing Multi-Recording functionality […]