A couple of years ago, Google launched Clips. For those who are unfamiliar, Clips is a digital camera that relies on AI to help users capture the “best” moments. Basically, it involved users leaving the camera somewhere and hope that its AI is smart enough to capture pivotal moments, like during a birthday, a family gathering, and so on.

It was an interesting experiment, but perhaps it did not exactly fly off the shelves at the rate that Google had hoped, which could have led to it being discontinued. It has been reported that the Clips camera is no longer available via Google’s online store and we’re not talking about it no longer being in stock, but rather it has been removed from the store entirely.

Google has yet to confirm anything so there is always a chance that this could have been made in error, but if it really has been discontinued, we can’t say we’re too surprised. This is because due to ongoing privacy concerns, we’re sure that many aren’t too thrilled about placing a camera in their home that is continuously recording.

Also, it wasn’t exactly cheap either with a price tag of $250, so we can’t blame customers who might be a bit skeptical about wanting to adopt it.

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